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 You tube music. - Ted

Is there any way I can save music from You tube clips and then burn them onto discs.
I'm thinking of stuff that's probably not available anywhere else, like some of the 1930s musical films, Busby Berkeley, etc.

Might be a doddle for all I know !

 You tube music. - Focusless
I've found Freecorder fairly easy to use, although there are others:
 You tube music. - Crankcase
I've found "Keepvid" to be ideal for this - you just put it on your links toolbar, then click it when watching a video and (usually) it saves it. Sorted.

 You tube music. - Ted

Thanks for that Crank and Foc.....I'll try them and pick the one for nuppets !

 You tube music. - Dave_
DVDVideoSoft's "Free YouTube to mp3 converter" has this licked. Open it up, paste the YT URL into the converter, or a whole list of them if you're having an inspirational evening, and click "Download". Result, a folder full of non-DRM'd mp3s (mostly) at a good enough bitrate to burn to CD, play in the car, etc. I've been using this method for the last year or so since I got a Walkman phone, suits me absolutely fine.
 You tube music. - Dog
I don't always do things the 'right' way, but i usually get there in the end ...
I recently used to convert a couple of youtubes into MP3 files for my Sansa Fuse MP3 player, which it did perfectly well.
I didn't sign up or anything.
 You tube music. - Ted
Ended up with a simple's just called ' free YouTube to MP3 converter '
It's from one of your links but I can't remember which. I think it was just the easiest to install.
Just paste the URL into the box, click on 'Download @, having selected a place to stick it...My Music. and it does the biz.
Get a group of songs together, open Nero and burne 'em in. Only works on a DVD though.

I don't want the film or pics, but why don't they record along with the music ? Just curious .
Thanks to all.

 You tube music. - MD
I have been using the videosoft stuff after a recommendation here. Brilliant. Thanks. MD
 You tube music. - Ted

Burned 3 DVDs earlier in the week but now summat's gone wrong.
I downloaded 14 tracks of the same singer from YouTube last night.
They're all there in MyMusic and will play OK.
I open Nero, as usual, Browse, select MyMusic and click all the songs into the Nero burning list. Click on ' burn . After a few seconds a box pops out sayng ' Burn failed '

I'm using DVD-R discs as before. Ive tried about 10 times !
Occasionally it says' Disc not empty ' but they're new discs, hot from the packet.
I've also tried with just one track but no different. Certainly not 120 mins of tracks in all.

Any of you boffins help ? Would be much appreciated.

 You tube music. - Zero
I would firstly try to burn any kind of cd using the standard function of windows. Just stick a blank cd r in there, and drag some data files into it and let windows burn them.

If that fails you have driver issues, or a hardware issue.

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 You tube music. - Ted
Thanks Z.
Just tried that. Files drag across ok but the burn doesn't work.
Also tried through Nero Burning ROM and that fails too.
Looks as though I need to get a man in..........Ratto, where are you ?

 You tube music. - Stuartli
Try Uninstalling the optical drive from Device Manager and then Rebooting.

Windows will Find New Hardware and reinstall the basic CDROM drivers.
 You tube music. - Ted

Teach me, Stu. Numptie here !

 You tube music. - spamcan61
go to windows 'control panel'

double click 'system' icon

click on 'hardware' tab

click 'device manager' button

when that opens double click on 'DVD/CD-ROM drives'

This should list the drives, find the one that is causing the trouble

click the errant drive then right click

select 'unistall' from the menu that pops up

click 'OK' to the warning that comes up

restart the PC, windows should automatically reinstall the appropriate driver.

 You tube music. - Ted
Thanks, Spammers.
Just got in after a rather good Italian meal.
Will write all that down and have a go tomorrow.

Got to connect the telly, Virgin + box,Video and a new DVD recorder tomorrow 'cos we've just got a new cabinet. Going to be like spaghetti junction here !

Regards to all you experts

 You tube music. - Ted
That didn't work .
Just noticed I can play a CD but not a DVD.

Have to get the expert in, I think.

 You tube music. - smokie
"Have to get the expert in, I think."

Give Rats a go first Ted.. :-)
 You tube music. - Ted

He's booked in for a visit...The expert was out.......Lordy, this is soooo gonna cost me :-)

 You tube music. - Ted
Did a bit of downloading last night whilst reading C4P.
All went well, got 13 old songs, 1920s US jazz & blues.
All downloaded well.
When I opened my music to make sure they were all there, They were !

All had multiple downloads.......some tracks as many as 10.
I put a copy of each of the 13 into Nero and the burn worked wll...I'm just playing the CD as I type.

I didn't do anything different to my last lot of downloads so why have multiples been done. Each of the multiple tracks played as normal.

Not a problem as such, but I,ve got a lot to delete now.

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