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 Google Earth bug - L'escargot
As most of you will know I'm a computer duffer, so the following may be gobbledygook.

I backed up my computer onto my external hard drive this morning and as I watched the progress I noticed that a folder called unified_cache_leveldb_leveldb2 was taking a long time to back up. When the backup had finished I checked the amount of free space remaining and found that it was 1.3GB less than yesterday. Being curious, I Googled for the aforementioned folder and found that it was where Google Earth stores it's cache (whatever that may be!) and that there was a bug which could allow the folder to grow out of control.!topic/earth/8UE3pn0xxi4 I then remembered that I had used Google Earth yesterday. I uninstalled Google Earth and installed what I thought would be the latest version which wouldn't have the bug.
I ran Google Earth again, then backed up my computer again, and once more checked the remaining free space on the external hard drive. The free space had decreased by 1.4GB. This rate of usage of space is putting me off using Google Earth for the time being, so I've uninstalled it again.

Can anyone please steer me in the right direction to get a bug-free version of Google Earth?

 Google Earth bug - Zero
Its not a bug. Thats normal for google earth, 1,4gb is nothing. There is no such thing as a "bug free google earth" there is simply the 'latest version' thats all you get. Its unwise to get anything else. And there is no need to backup google earth unless you are saving pushpins, special overlays or other personal data. Exclude it from your back-up.

In summary, no problem noting to worry about.
 Google Earth bug - L'escargot
>> there is simply the 'latest version' thats
>> all you get. Its unwise to get anything else.

So how do I get the latest version?
 Google Earth bug - jc2
Go into Google Earth,then into TOOLS,OPTIONS,CACHE & clear cache.Google Earth stores everything you do and visit.
 Google Earth bug - sooty123
Is it not on Google earth home page?
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