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 Recycling computers - RattleandSmoke
This was idea I had in the past but I had no premises and I couldn't drive. I can now drive and have storage (my under used lockup)

I was thinking of advertising a free collection service for old computers so I could then refurbish them and sell them.

I believe I need to be registered to this under some EU waste act?

I wonder if it would be worth the hassle?
 Recycling computers - CGNorwich
Is there a market for old refurbished desktops - Everyone seems to want a notebook or netbook these days
 Recycling computers - RattleandSmoke
There is apparantly. I would have thought the same thing though. There is always a market for old desktops for use as strong kids machines etc.

I think people are also getting fed up of the limited features of netbooks.

However even a five year computer would have to be a lot less than £100 with a warranty.
 Recycling computers - John H

>> However even a five year computer would have to be a lot less than £100
>> with a warranty.

Do you think you can refurbish and supply, and meet your Sale of Goods obligations as a trader, for that price and make a profit?
For your trade, will you need to get permissions to be a Hazardous Waste Carrier, Authorised Treatment Facility, Approved Authorised Treatment Facility, Public Liability Insurance, and Data Destruction facillity under Data Protection Act?
 Recycling computers - Falkirk Bairn
Licencing obligations? Granted there is lots of shareware and freeware about but Windows licencing is a minefield or a money pit buying new licences.
 Recycling computers - teabelly
Being registered under the WEEE regs will cost you £3k. Then about £1500 a year per site. It ain't cheap. There are lots of other hoops to jump through.

There are quite a few firms that already do this. One charity I've found does it to find equipment to send overseas and also provide cheap computers for the unemployed/low paid etc. Website is a bit of out of date.

There are lots of others including national companies.
 Recycling computers - RattleandSmoke
This is pretty much what I thought.

I will just stick to doing what I do :).
 Recycling computers - Zero
Absolutley no money in it at all.

 Recycling computers - L'escargot
When I want to dispose of my computer I'll take the innards out onto the patio and beat them to death with my sledge hammer. I might just put the case in our recycling bin if the plastic parts have the relevant plastic type identification marks.
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 Recycling computers - Tooslow
L, do it in the veg patch. You don't want to risk cracking the flags on your patio.

 Recycling computers - Roger.
I recently changed a defunct drive on our Toshiba laptop. I took a large hammer and bashed and bashed and bashed the old drive.
It took ages to destroy: I was very surprised just how tough it was!
 Recycling computers - VxFan
re: destroying a hard drive. Isn't it easier to just chuck it in a fire?
 Recycling computers - The Nut
>> re: destroying a hard drive. Isn't it easier to just chuck it in a fire?
The plastics in the circuit boards might release toxic fumes when burnt.

Also the sledge hammer is much more fun.
 Recycling computers - rtj70
There is software that can securely erase a drive by overwriting with random data. No need to physically destroy it. Destroying the drive with a hammer may not destroy the data held on the glass disks - if you're really paranoid. Maybe take it apart and damage the actual disks that hold the data.

 Recycling computers - RattleandSmoke
That is what I usualy do. The platters are usualy very solid so scratching them and then putting a big magnet to it is enough to the trick.

The problem with the software is it takes too long to do. It would be fine if you have have a bench dedicated to the task but in peoples homes it would take too long.

It is also amazing how many people don't think to take the hard drive out of the machine they are getting rid of.

I often get requests to format old drives and I have to explain that formatting dosn't actuallty delete the data.
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 Recycling computers - Stuartli
It's very difficult to completely destroy a hard drive's contents as has often been proved:
 Recycling computers - Mapmaker
Who can tell me at what point buying (possibly for as little as a penny or nothing at all) second hand goods off somebody else in which one sees some value onself, becomes taking away their old rubbish.
 Recycling computers - Zero
Its a strange price point, but its about the "whatever you can get away with" mark.
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