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 Thunderbird - Yahoo Mail problem - neiltoo
I needed to change my Yahoo email password, which I did, successfully, on the Yahoo Mail site. It was easy sign in to my emails on my phone and tablet - both Samsung.

I use Mozilla Thunderbird on my computer, and could not see how to change the Yahoo password on this. I deleted the Yahoo Mail account, but cannot now access via the new password.

When I try to "Set up an Existing Email Account" A Thunderbird window opens with the Yahoo sign in page. When I sign in and go "Next" - "Please enable cookies in your browser appears". Cookies are enabled in my Chrome browser, and currently Adblock plus is turned off.

If I "click to learn more" I agree to Accept cookies, but just go to a page saying "Oops, something went wrong, please try again later."

I've tried uninstalling Thunderbird, cleaning with CCleaner, and reinstalling from a new download.

What am I doing wrong please?

 Thunderbird - Yahoo Mail problem - No FM2R
You can't change a password in Thunderbird as such. You have to delete it and replace it.. change a password

Tools / Options / Security / Saved Passwords / Select the one you want / Remove

shutdown Thunderbird completely.

restart Thunrderbird

It will ask for the missing password, type in the new one, and it will save it.
 Thunderbird - Yahoo Mail problem - No FM2R
Not so sure about your second issue, I don't quite understand where it is going wrong. However, I'm doing this in a queue at the bank, so I'll check more carefully later.

The correct process is....;

Tools / Account Settings / Account Actions / Add Mail Account
 Thunderbird - Yahoo Mail problem - Duncan
>> However, I'm doing this in a queue at the bank, so I'll check more
>> carefully later.

Do the members of the public form orderly queues in banks and other places in Chile? Not a disorderly scrum?

I am assuming you are still in Chile.
 Thunderbird - Yahoo Mail problem - No FM2R
I am in Chile.

They fence the queues in. One of those one person wide, snaking rope corridors leading to all tills at the end. When I say "all" I mean both.

Banks in Chile still close at 14:00.
 Thunderbird - Yahoo Mail problem - No FM2R
Sorry Neiltoo, I am struggling to understand what you are doing.

Where are you accessing the "Set up an existing Email Account" option?
 Thunderbird - Yahoo Mail problem - No FM2R
Oh, I think I see where you are. But I'm afraid I can't help.

i went to the effort of setting up a yahoo account to test and I too got a window asking me to verify my yahoo login details.

Username on the first page, password on the second page, and it all went through first go.

Sorry not to be more help.

p.s. I assume that you have tried logging into your yahoo account from a normal browser on your PC?
 Thunderbird - Yahoo Mail problem - neiltoo
Yes, I can log into my Yahoo Account through Chrome. I use Thunderbird so that my email record is on my computer. There is a risk - small I know - of losing it off the server.
I like the interface more than the Yahoo one.
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