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 Ad Blocker Recommendation - Clk Sec
Can anyone recommend a decent ad blocker for my Amazon Fire (Silk) tablet, Please?
 Ad Blocker Recommendation - devonite
If it's on a windows system I can offer to recommend Ad blocker or Ad blocker plus.
 Ad Blocker Recommendation - Crankcase
I'd be interested in this too. Not found one to date.
 Ad Blocker Recommendation - Duncan
I am using AdBlocker Ultimate and Adblock plus. Seems to do the biz.
 Ad Blocker Recommendation - devonite
Sorry the name is Adblock and adblock plus (no er on end)
 Ad Blocker Recommendation - Duncan
>> Sorry the name is Adblock and adblock plus (no er on end)

Sorry, I have just hovered my mouse on the little icon top right of the screen and it says "AdBlocker Ultimate (with er on end)
 Ad Blocker Recommendation - No FM2R
I don't think any of those will work on a Fire.
 Ad Blocker Recommendation - devonite
It seems we are both right! just checked, Adblocker is a different program! icon - shield with a red background, Adblock plus icon - red stop sign with ABP init ;-) - might try that one thanks!
 Ad Blocker Recommendation - Robin O'Reliant
Ad blockers are all very well, but if we want free internet...?
 Ad Blocker Recommendation - No FM2R
Conversely, if businesses want us to look at adverts, then stop them being annoying. If they're not annoying, if they don't slow everything down, then nobody will bother to block them.
 Ad Blocker Recommendation - Clk Sec
>>I don't think any of those will work on a Fire.

I think you're right, Mark.

I'm not generally bothered by ads, but it's just that I have not been able to use this device for posting a message on here, because as soon as I start replying to a post, another larger page comes up that obscures the 'post message' button.

Anyway, no huge problem, as I can use my desktop or mobile.

Many thanks for the responses.

Clk Sec
 Ad Blocker Recommendation - Zero
A fire is just android at the end of the day,

I have no experience of any of them.
 Ad Blocker Recommendation - No FM2R
I've tried a few, none of them are particularly satisfactory.

As far as I can see you pretty much have to accept Ads in Apps or pay for the non-Ad version.

For internet browsing you can use a browser which blocks ads, mine is called "Free AdBlocker Browser". It blocks ads pretty well, but it's a fairly annoying browser.
 Ad Blocker Recommendation - Crankcase
I've had a prod about for ideas, prompted by this post and my own desire for a Fire solution. I'm going to have a go at building a "pi hole", as I have an unused Raspberry Pi somewhere.

As I understand it it should reduce or block ads on the whole house network for all devices. If it kills the ads on the All4 app it would be excellent.

Free other than setting up time.

 Ad Blocker Recommendation - Zero
Thats grand until you come across a web site that refuses to serve if it detects an ad blocker. Rather than tick a box at the top of your browser, you are going to need to log into your pie hole server, and edit an exceptions file (if it has one). BY that time I would have lost interest.

still something to fiddle with and break to pass the time.
 Ad Blocker Recommendation - No FM2R
There are two main sources of ads;

Browser ads; blockable, though a bit more of a pain than on a PC

in-App ads; not easily blockable, not very satisfactory results in trying, not worth the effort.

So if it's browser ads that bother you, use an ad-blocked browser.

If it's app ads that bother you, then buy the ad-free version.
 Ad Blocker Recommendation - Crankcase
Yes, but the point is that there is, as best as I can tell, no ad blocking browser for the fire. "free ad block browser" or anything similar yields nothing in the Fire app store.

Which means either sideloading one of zero's untested suggestions, living with it, or perhaps trying the pi thing for fun. I take zero's point about it being not exactly frictionless of course.

I'll let you know how effective or otherwise a pi hole is once I get to doing it. This week I hope.
 Ad Blocker Recommendation - smokie
I have a pihole running on my Pi (along with programs gathering daily stats on energy usage and an inbound VPN - PiVPN).

I don't actually use pihole now and I think the reason was that you change your device to point at their DNS servers and they seemed to have a reasonable amount of omissions from their list - either by design or accident. Otherwise it seemed fairly effective.

That might not have been the reason though so I'll be interested to hear your experience,

ADDENDUM On reflection I'm not sure that was the right reason but as I've typed it it can stand :-)
 Ad Blocker Recommendation - No FM2R
 Ad Blocker Recommendation - Crankcase
Thanks Mark. I have had that setting turned on since day one, so I guess it would be a lot worse without it.

It's not horrendous but browsing a page like a local news site is awful on the Fire compared to the pc, where I have blockers galore of course.
 Ad Blocker Recommendation - No FM2R
Well, I shall be interested to see/hear how you get on. I don;t think you'll manage the ad free nirvana which is your PC, but good luck.
 Ad Blocker Recommendation - Crankcase
Well, it took a bit of fiddle, but now done, 10 minutes ago. So a full and comprehensive test.

The obstacles were all to do with my Pi having a very ancient software build on it, had to update that. but it only had a 4GB SD card in it, not big enough.

Once that was replaced and the latest Rasbian installed, putting pi-hole in was easy. Bit of fiddle at the main router and all kicked into life.

I've been able to turn off my ad blockers on the PC and all is well. no ads or pop ups there. Also, and this was the point, all devices on my network, including this Fire tablet, now block ads. (I shall whitelist this site though. One click is all.)

Just dived onto the notoriously slow Renault and Skoda sites from this Fire, and now they are snappy. Before they were virtually unusable.

Cambridge local news site is the same. Click, got the headlines, click, got the article. Two seconds flat.

Works on the phone too so all good.

 Ad Blocker Recommendation - Zero
>> in-App ads; not easily blockable, not very satisfactory results in trying, not worth the effort.

You can cripple some as they require wifi access, I have many GPS/Map type apps and games that I do that with, just enable location services.
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