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 Apple Chargers - maltrap
Somehow i've managed to accumulate 3 Apple chargers.
They all have slightly different outputs. 5Volt, 5.1Volt and 5.2Volt.
I have an Ipad Air and a 2019 Ipad.
Does it matter which i use ?
 Apple Chargers - VxFan
It's not so much the voltage, as all USB chargers deliver 5 volts or thereabouts.

It's the amps value you need to look at. A 1amp phone charger won't charge an iPad ##. Ensure the charger is rated at least 2 amps.

## Well it might, but the iPad will tell you it's not charging, although it is, but would take a very long time to charge up.
 Apple Chargers - No FM2R
The USB Standard is 5v +/- .25v. So you would expect all of those chargers to be ok since the phones will be able to tolerate the potential +/- .25v.

As to why they are different, I don't know. Some kind of power optimisation for the particular device, I should think.

As for amps, then they are never a cause for worry. If there's not enough amps then it either won't charge or will charge very slowly.

If you think there's too many amps, there isn't. Amps are effectively drawn not pushed, so a device will only 'pull' as many as it needs. The amp capacity shown is the maximum that can be 'pulled'.
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