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 Read Only Documents - Ambo
Opening two older saved Word documents for additions and saving them resulted in Read Only notices. I can't now add further to them. How can I stop Word doing this and how can I re-open these two please? I must have been using the program for 20 or so years and have never encountered this before
 Read Only Documents - smokie
Not sure why it would have arisen but you ought to be able to save them under a new name and then edit your new one.
 Read Only Documents - No FM2R
Which version of Word?

Is the file itself set to read-only?

Windows Explorer, find the file, right click, properties -> Read Only tick box on the bottom left.
 Read Only Documents - smokie
Good point, they may at some stage have been copied to then from a read only media e.g. CD.
 Read Only Documents - Ambo
No, I created all of them from scratch. The version of Word I use as of recently is 2016. The problem emerges with old revisited documents, some going back more that 20 years, not new ones. Maybe they are getting tired because shutting down for a nap or good night's sleep restores them to normal!
 Read Only Documents - VxFan
I've had the same problem with a few old word documents at work.
I just copy the data from the old word document and paste it into a new word document, and then save it.
 Read Only Documents - Ambo
Thanks, I'll do that if the need arises.
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