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 Cabling new house? - Manatee
We are currently at the planning stage of building our replacement house.

This will be a two storey one with underfloor heating. Apparently I should expect wifi problems upstairs if the router is downstairs, as the aluminium heat spreader blocks the signal.

Should I take the opportunity to put some ethernet cables in?

It will be a timber framed house and there will be no problem running services around before the plasterboard goes up.

What are the opportunities here? I have a feeling there might be some I'm not aware of. Or should I just use an extender?

Expertise welcome:)
 Cabling new house? - Zero
Running some cat7 from a socket at the bottom at ground to one at floor 1 for data backbone is peanuts, about 25 quid and is a given. As is Coax cable from the loft to 1st floor and ground floor for TV/SAT

Now as for the heat spreader acting as a shield for mobile phone signal, who knows if a: its a problem or b: what the solution to design in now is.
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 Cabling new house? - No FM2R
I couldn't decide what I wanted where. Because it is a stone built house with some walks up to a metre thick, then WiFi was simply impractical more than one room apart.

I ran Cat 7 throughout my house when I renovated it. And then it all went to a patch panel in one of the utility rooms.

That same utility room was where services such as TV, Satellite, Broadband, Phone arrived. I could then feed whatever service I wished to whichever room I wished and change it as I wished.

One of the brighter things I did which served me well.
 Cabling new house? - No FM2R
Depends on the house, but I also had a single switch by the door which would override all but a few lights making sure the house was largely switched off when I went out.
 Cabling new house? - Fullchat
You can never have enough hard wiring for internet and TVs. If you have the opportunity in a new build/renovation go for it.
Also consider alarm cabling and plug sockets?.
The price of cable and all the hardware is peanuts bought from wholesalers.
 Cabling new house? - neiltoo
We built our house in th 80s. Semi basement in masonry, with a concrete beam and block ground floor. 2 storeys above in timber frame.

Installed 6 telephone points - now only use 1

Installed 3 TV points - need more

Dozens of power sockets - need another dozen

BT router on G floor reaches all parts of the house, including through solid floor to basement.


 Cabling new house? - Falkirk Bairn
A son bought a new house in December.
It is brand new & standard kit in the new home included

Minimum of 4 network points per room.
All rooms are pre-wired for speakers - only the lounge/kitchen/cinema room actually had speakers. Drawings showing where to gain access to the cabling to connect your speakers
All outside lighting / cameras are smartphone controlled as are the pool lighting/heating controls.

All this wiring comes back to the WC - Wiring Closet for all electronics, hubs, BB,lighting controllers.

He no longer has cable TV - offers 100's of channels foc and smart TVs are plugged into the wiring - the basic $50 youtube charge per month. All you can eat European football is $15 extra per month - all Premiership games live at 3pm Saturday our time - 9am for him.
 Cabling new house? - Manatee
Thanks, food for thought. Need to do a lot of research.
 Cabling new house? - car4play
I've always found that you can never have too much Cat5 cabling. When they did our office I doubled it at last minute and I still had to add more.
It depends though on what you are really wanting to do. Our phone system is IP based, so we use two points in a location - one for the phone and one for the computer. Wifi is ok, for most tasks, but if your doing a massive sync or copy to a network server nothing is as good as Gigabit ethernet. I guess some of the newer Wifi protocols will finally beat this, but for now that's the best it goes.
In some locations I just accept that one point will have to do and then put a small ethernet switch there - e.g. the TV room where the TV, sound system, Apple TV, PS4 etc. all need internet connections.
You also have to decide if you are going to put in CCTV, because the most carefree are the fixed Power over Ethernet ones.
Also if you are going to run cable, don't do as my builders did and run the cheap cable. For the comparatively slight difference in money go for the best and do it once. I ended up ripping it out and replacing it before it all got sealed up. That goes especially for TV / satellite cable.
TBH though I don't use TV or satellite now as everything is on the internet anyway, so despite having a load of these cables installed, none are in use.

I also ran more cables than are connected so they are through to the patch panel and rooms below the floorboards or in the walls if ever I need more. I had to use some of these also when the builders managed to break some of the wired ones!
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