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 ...another Apple related query - iTunes - Dulwich Estate II
Before getting an iPhone I used iTunes to edit my iPod. I have an iPhone too now and initially deleted any music related app / info. If I want different music or a ringtone on my phone I need iTunes - but I don't want any link to the iPod content.

Is it possible to separate the two and not be synched ?

Is it easier to just set up a new Apple ID, with another email address and PW ?
 ...another Apple related query - iTunes - No FM2R
I'm no expert on Apple stuff, but isn't iTunes going away and your library being transferred into Apple Music?

If so, I'm sure I remember being able to transfer different stuff to different devices using Apple Music for my niece a bit ago.

Sorry, not much help I know.

Now if you had an Android...........
 ...another Apple related query - iTunes - Dulwich Estate II
" Now if you had an Android........... "

Maybe, but I just couldn't get on with my first smart phone, an Android, so I moved to an iPhone around 5 years ago. Perhaps I should have persevered.

I've spent a good while looking into my issue and it seems it's pretty much impossible without further resulting complications.
 ...another Apple related query - iTunes - No FM2R
The user interface between Apple and Android is very different, and people get used to one or the other and changing can be hard.

That said, Android functionality is far, far more flexible.

On your issue, I think you use playlists. Put all the music you want on the iPod into the iPod playlist and stuff for the iPhone in the iPhone playlist.

Then sync just the playlist required for the device concerned.

But like I said, it's been a while and I am certainly no expert.
 ...another Apple related query - iTunes - smokie
iTunes is only being discontinued on Apple hardware. It's staying for Windows machines.

The playlist solution is a very smart idea.
 ...another Apple related query - iTunes - Dulwich Estate II
Thanks - serious thought now needed.
 ...another Apple related query - iTunes - FuzzyDuck
In the latest macOS (10.15 - Catalina) the iTunes app had been replaced by three separate apps called Music, TV and Podcast. However the sync function is now performed by selecting the device in Finder.

Slightly confusing as it all used to be one place, but it does all still work.
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