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 Hotmail (Outlook mail) slow - bathtub tom
This has been going on for a couple of days. I've got it open in a tab that has a continuously revolving circle. Bottom LH corner says:
waiting for
 Hotmail (Outlook mail) slow - VxFan
I've just tried my Hotmail account on IE11, Opera, MS Edge, and Chrome and all works fine on all of them.

Have you tried a different internet browser to see if it makes any difference?

Tried clearing out temp files and cookies using something like ccleaner?
 Hotmail (Outlook mail) slow - No FM2R
Just tried my Hotmail on Edge, Firefox & Chrome.

It was fine even though I usually access it from an App on my phone and this is the first time I've actually logged into it on-line in a year.

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 Hotmail (Outlook mail) slow - smokie

Changing browser fixed it for the bloke in that thread so both above are on the money - try Dave's suggestions of cleaning up your browser
 Hotmail (Outlook mail) slow - bathtub tom
Cleaned up my browser (firefox classic) to no avail. Looks like I'm changing browser.
 Hotmail (Outlook mail) slow - smokie
Just try a different one in the first place, to make sure that's the cause. Once you establish that we can look more at what else you can do to fix.
 Hotmail (Outlook mail) slow - No FM2R
Also try Firefox with all it's add-ons disabled. Particularly ad-blockers, tracker blockers and that sort of thing.

Especially if you've changed anything like that recently.
 Hotmail (Outlook mail) slow - bathtub tom
I downloaded the new waterfox, but couldn't see any way of moving all my bookmarks across from the classic version.
It'll give me something to do for next six months.
 Hotmail (Outlook mail) slow - smokie
Putting aside a migration to Waterfox, was email better with it?
 Hotmail (Outlook mail) slow - bathtub tom
Yes, much faster.
 Hotmail (Outlook mail) slow - smokie
WHat antivirus mail do you use? Try disabling it if you can and see if it helps.

Try restarting Firefox with Addons disabled (under Help)

 Hotmail (Outlook mail) slow - bathtub tom
>> WHat antivirus mail do you use? Try disabling it if you can and see if
>> it helps.
>> Try restarting Firefox with Addons disabled (under Help)

I don't use any antivirus other than Windows (defender?) and anything within waterfox. I do have adblock plus, as without it everything seems to slow down (presumably because ads are loading) as my internet is only 4meg (on a good day with a following wind).
 Hotmail (Outlook mail) slow - bathtub tom
I've decided to abandon waterfox classic for firefox. Thought I'd transfer my bookmarks across and failed at the first hurdle. Instruction says open library, or library in menu. I don't have a library option that I can see. Is it hidden somewhere or have I to use sync (that'll be a new experience)?
 Hotmail (Outlook mail) slow - No FM2R
I use Firefox.

If you hold on for an hour or two I'll install Waterfox and see about bookmark transfer.
 Hotmail (Outlook mail) slow - No FM2R
Hmm, didn't take as long as I thought. The short version, it's an a***.

Details here.... (Ignore the preamble and just go to the instructions list)

Someone in the comments said it didn't work for them. Well I just did it and it worked for me.

Personally I'd try to work out what the problem originally was, because I think it's going to happen to Waterfox too.

Also, have you created a Firefox profile? Because if you have then that will keep all your bookmarks and everything. You could then simply uninstall and re-install Firefox without losing everything.

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 Hotmail (Outlook mail) slow - bathtub tom
Thanks for that, I'll look into it in the morning. The internet's running so slow here after midday it's too frustrating to do anything.
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