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 Old Installation of Windows 7 - No FM2R
I have a laptop in front of me with a clean installation of Windows 7 which is a gazillion years old.

It is refusing to run Windows Update. I suspect that there is something in the years of updates which are a prerequisite for update running, if you see what I mean.

In trying to download a newer version I am informed that the Licence Key is for a pre-installed O/S supplied with the computer. (I know, it has been reset to factory using the recovery partition).

Windows update will show existing updates installed (albeit none) but will not look for updates. It just does nothing. It won't even go into the menu.

Any suggestions for a way forward?
 Old Installation of Windows 7 - No FM2R
Oh. Well that's an anti climax. It just started working for absolutely no reason at all. Certainly nothing I did.

As you were.
 Old Installation of Windows 7 - devonite
If you've just re-installed windows 7, and have Ccleaner installed, there is an option (I'm sure you already know about) that removes all old Windows files that have been Squirreled away on the hard drive - frees up quite a lot of space!
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