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 Renewing mobile 'phone - bathtub tom
I've decided to go 'smart'. Got a new SIM (standard/micro/nano). Where do I go from here, help please.

My old phone has a standard SIM and I can see options to copy from SIM to phone and phone to SIM. How do I find out where my contacts are?

After I get my contacts on the new SIM, I presume I break out the nano part to fit in the new phone and then contact mynetwork to get my number transferred to the new SIM.
 Renewing mobile 'phone - smokie
If your old phone is Android it is likely that it would transfer everything you need automatically. You'd need to request the PAC (not PUK) from your existing supplier (this can often be done using SMS) and give it to your new supplier. You'd then get a date for your transfer and in my case I just put the new SIM in on that morning. The old supplier cut me off once the PAC was used.

What model phones are your old and new ones, and which suppliers are you movjng from and to?
 Renewing mobile 'phone - bathtub tom
I'm staying with my existing network (O2 PAYG) for now, I'll use up my existing credit before I decide if I need a contract. I've still around £10 credit of the £20 I put on early last year.

Think my old Samsung GT-E2121B can hardly be regarded as smart, let alone android. It does have internet capability, although I never used it as it's only got a 30mm square screen.

I'm moving on to SWMBOs old LG K8 2017. She wanted a new phone, although I can't see anything the new one can do that her old LG couldn't.
 Renewing mobile 'phone - smokie
Too far back in history for me to remember how to upgrade a non-Android! I recall there was a way to copy your contacts to the SIM, then once you have them on there you can just drop it into your new phone.

Does the SIM in your phone now have the push-outs so you can make it smaller, as I expect your new phone will have the smaller or smallest size SIM. If not I guess you can phone O2 for a hew SIM and see if you have to go through the PAC process - you probably will. However if it does you ought to be able to just punch out the right size SIM and use it right away.
 Renewing mobile 'phone - VxFan
The OP might find his SIM doesn't support 4G (or even 5G) data so will need to change the SIM anyway.

I put a spare PAYG SIM in my old iPhone that I had kicking around and found it can only support 3G. It doesn't bother me though, as all it's being used for is calls only.
 Renewing mobile 'phone - bathtub tom
I transfered my contacts in the old phone to SIM and then to new SIM. Had a long call with 02 and gave them the numbers on the old SIM (with the aid of a magnifying glass) and new SIM. They assured me the new SIM would be up and running in 24 hours.
New Sim (sort of) works in old phone, but no contacts. I can call and text.
I can no longer fit the new SIM in old phone, as I've removed the nano bit and can't put the bits together to go in the old phone. new phone require nano SIM and there's no way I can now re-fit new SIM in old phone.
I'll wait for 24 hours and see what happens then. I may consider reverting to old phone!
 Renewing mobile 'phone - No FM2R
The process should be:

Put old SIM in old phone
Copy (NOT move) all SIM contacts to old phone
Put new SIM in old phone
Copy (NOT move) all Phone contacts to new SIM.
Put new SIM in new phone
Copy (NOT move) contacts to new phone which should then sync with a Google account so that you never have to do this again

(always copy, never move, in case something goes wrong).

So let's understand why you cannot put the bits together to make the nano SIM the size of the old SIM. They should just press together. IF you've broken them, then you can buy them again.

This is just one example, you can get similar in any phone shop and certainly Vodafone used to give them away free.
 Renewing mobile 'phone - smokie
Yip I have a 4G dongle which requires a larger SIM than I had so I used the bits from another SIM ( - it's the kind of thing I keep, for some reason!). I had to wiggle it a bit to make best contact but quite usable once it worked.
 Renewing mobile 'phone - No FM2R
I realise my possible mistake.

Is the problem that the new SIM is not online yet and so not working? I think when I thought that transferring the contacts was the problem that I may have misunderstood.

However, the second part of my post still applies.

Apologies if I was, or am, confused.
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 Renewing mobile 'phone - bathtub tom
Done all of the above and had a couple of calls to SA (absolute crap connections). I'll try online next.
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