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 Tinyurl links - L'escargot
Just lately quite a few Tinyurl links have only lead to the Tinyurl webpage, and I then need to click on "Proceed to this site". Why has this started to happen. Is it because of a shortcoming on my or my computer's part?
 Tinyurl links - Iffy creates two tiny links.

One goes straight to the website, the other goes to a preview page.

It is the choice of the person creating the link which one he uses, although I suppose he could post both on this forum.

Use of the preview link is to avoid mischievous redirection.

Some cautious users will not click on a tiny link that goes straight to a site, in case it's something dodgy.

 Tinyurl links - Dog
When someone creates a tinyurl, they have a choice of whether to just grab the url or to give recipients a preview of what the url refers to so ... a simple tinyurl will go straight to a site address whereas a preview tinyurl will take you to the tinyurl site first.
I think I've made that clear (as mud!)
 Tinyurl links - L'escargot
Thanks both. Now I understand.
 Tinyurl links - rtj70
You can also setup TinyURL to always preview for you regardless of what the original poster chose to do.
 Tinyurl links - Roger.
Google now do their own short URL link facility.
It works very well as an add-on for Firefox.
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