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 Removing background from photos - Dave
I've got hundreds of photos that I need to remove the background from. I've got photoshop pro x2 something or other, but it's still a bit of a chore to do, especially for something like a dog, or something that you can 'see through' like a car (windows).

So is there some secret method to do this, like taking a picture against a blue background like they do for TV and film?
 Removing background from photos - spamcan61
Taking a picture against a plain background in a sharply contrasting colour will make it easier for the 'magic lassoo' or whatever tool to find the end of the object you're trying to cut out, so that's worth doing. Not sure if there are better methods.
 Removing background from photos - lancara
Have a look at Mask Pro 4 by OnOneSoftware (a plug-in for Photoshop):

There is a free limited-time download
 Removing background from photos - Dave
I had a look at those, but they all seem to work a similar way. The picture I'm having the biggest problem with is one of a dog crate made of weld mesh. It's not too bad doing the outside edge, but of course you can see all the background through each hole in the mesh. I can go round each of those holes, but there's hundreds of them.
 Removing background from photos - Kevin
How complicated is the background in terms of the number of colours? Lots or just a few?

If it's just a few you might be able to separate them into layers, mask them out and re-lay them over the original image. If the foreground has less colours try separating out the foreground.

Have you checked if there's anything on or gimp tutorials and tips that might work for you.

 Removing background from photos - Dave
Ha, I think that's the problem - I took them against all sorts of things like grass, hedges, the garage etc. I was in a bit of a rush to make a magazine deadline is my excuse.

I'll wait until the weather gets a bit better and try again on a uniform colour background.
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