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 Vista to windows 7 - Ateca chris
I have a desk top pc and a laptop and both are running vista basic.
What i would like to know is if i bought a new genuine copy of windows 7
could i use it on both computers or will the registration restrict to using
it on one.I have checked all the requirments of both computers and both
are capable of operating it.
 Vista to windows 7 - lancara
One licence = one computer - the Win 7 packaging clearly states "For use on one computer or device" - even though both a 32 bit disc and a 64 bit disc are enclosed. Microsoft offer a 3-licence family pack.
 Vista to windows 7 - RattleandSmoke
I wouldn't bother, you can tune Vista to run like Windows 7 anyway.
 Vista to windows 7 - Statistical Outlier
You sure Rattle? I've heard 100% approval from some very techie friends for Win 7 over Vista.
 Vista to windows 7 - spamcan61
We're talking Vista Home Basic here, so I think Win 7 Home Premium is likely to be step up. How much improvement depends how much RAM the system has mind you, with >2GB I wouldn't expect to see much speed difference.
 Vista to windows 7 - merlin
In my experience working in IT - Win7 is a vast improvement over Vista.
 Vista to windows 7 - Ateca chris
Thanks for all the replies,im no computer wizz but have a reasonable understanding
of how they work and how to use them.Both are used by the family for all the
usual stuff mostly web surfing.
I have used all the windows from 95 right through to vista,and have never liked vista. Millennium and XP were fine.My sister has windows 7 on a new pc she bought before christmas and has had no problems, iv used it a couple of times and finds it a whole
lot better.
 Vista to windows 7 - MD
XP Home for me.
 Vista to windows 7 - spamcan61
>> XP Home for me.

Me too, especially on machines with <2GB of RAM. However my daughters' Dell laptops have Vista Home Premium with 3GB of RAM and that's pretty slick, certainly faster than XP for some common tasks. I'm gradually getting the hang of the differences between XP and Vista HP.

I've set up a couple of machines for neighbours with Win7 HP on them ( 3GB of RAM) and it looks and operates much like Vista so far as I can see, a few nice new toys like built in disk imaging, but not enough to make me want to upgrade from Vista HP. Maybe a different story if I was using machines with less RAM.
 Vista to windows 7 - RattleandSmoke
Windows 7 is just Vista really but its been heavily tuned. The Kernel is more efficient but I certainly would not spend £80 to upgrade to Windows 7. If you want more speed you will be better buying more RAM or a better processor.

 Vista to windows 7 - JohnM{P}
My recent Windows7 Pro 2.1Ghz 3Gb memory 2gb cache HP boots up a LOT quicker (and seems to run quicker, same levels of FF, IE, plugins etc) than my Vista Pro 2.2Ghz 2Gb with 4mb cache machine (both Core Duo). Too many variables...
 Vista to windows 7 - ....
Optimise the C Drive and switch off Superfetch in Vista and I think you'd notice a difference.
 Vista to windows 7 - Duncan
DOS has always been good enough for me.

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