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 this site - Bellboy
crashes on firefox and wants to send the details to mr and mrs mozilla and children
locks on opera
is it me or is it you?
should i stay or should i go?
or is it just an illusion ?
 this site - NortonES2
Hasn't on my iMac on FF 3.6, but I've just downloaded 3.6.2 so it might play up when I restart:(
 this site - R.P.
Nor on my Vista PC running 3.6.2 or my MacBook Pro running the 3.6.1 at the moment. Not sure is the bet answer on my XP Pro desktop running 3.6.1 - had problems with that but not necessarily linked to this site - that is Mozilla has crashed on that machine but hadn't noticed it was this site doing it.
 this site - RattleandSmoke
Been on for me on my Nokia 97 Mini, Vista PC and Ubuntu laptop.
 this site - spamcan61
OK for me with FF3.6 on XP.
 this site - Iffy
...OK for me with FF3.6 on XP...

And it's OK for me with FF3.6 on XP - Pro.

Which sounds like one-upmanship, but I am at work. :)

Edit for PU's benefit: Work - something we do during the day so you don't have to.

 this site - R.P.
Exactly Iffy - but my pension is self funded...!
 this site - Statistical Outlier
Fine on Firefox 3.6.1 on Vista and 3.6.2 on XP. Also fine on Opera 10b on Win Mobile 6.1.
 this site - PeteW
Fine on windows 7 home premium with Firefox 3.6.2
 this site - devonite
Used to crash my mozilla too (3.6.2) , stopped it by going to tools ->add ons ->plugins, scroll down to shockwave flash, highlite it and click disable.

only downside is you wont get any adverts, and certain links wont work.
 this site - L'escargot
OK on my XP Home with IE8.
 this site - MD
Always use SRWare Iron now. Developed by the guys that did Chrome, but without the glitches. Quick and easy and to date, faultless. Try it, you just might like it!!

 this site - sherlock47
Fine for me on FF 3.6.2 and Chrome on XP pro.

Interesting how nearly all the replies are from 'dual posters' - there is obviously a certain amount of loyalty!

 this site - sherlock47
oops should not post after a late night out! Just realised that I was 'here' not on HJ.

Feel free to delete both posts.

 this site - ....
Today I'm having problems posting here.

Timeout is set to 2ms.
I have to type my reply, cut and paste to Notepad then hit Post Message, wait for it to give me the login screen again, login, click reply, quickly cut and paste and Post again.
 this site - Bellboy
glad its not just me
 this site - Pat
It keeps logging me out despite having a tick in the box today.

 this site - R.P.
Thanks Pat - I'll pass it on to Webmaster. No problems with mine.
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