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 Security Tool virus - Stuu
My misses has picked this one up on her laptop. Neither of us are computer savvy and we are getting quotes from £29-60 to have it sorted, but honestly not sure which way to go or what to do. Im sure she needs to update her security for one, but the immediate problem is obviously the very annoying symptoms.

Any basic pointers appreciated!
 Security Tool virus - Crankcase
MalwareBytes deals with this one (apparently). We use it a lot at work and it's pretty good for all these kind of things. Worth running every so often just in case.

You just install the free version and run the full scan. Takes a while.

No responsibility if all breaks etc etc yada yada.
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 Security Tool virus - smokie
I found the info & links in this thread particularly useful when trying to remove a particularly stubborn trojan.

Go with Crankcase's suggestion first, but if all else fails I'd suggest you work through the actions in this thread.

EDIT: One of their first actions is to use Malwarebytes, as already suggested

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