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 BBC iPlayer won't download programmes - Manatee
Hoping somebody has got further with this problem than I have!

I'm in the boondocks for a few days using a not-very-broadband USB stick; we visited our daughter in Cambridge today and I wanted to use her broadband connection to download a couple of programmes.

iPlayer just wouldn't download them though. There was a "download" button for the programmes in question, but after a few seconds of the 'thinking' symbol, nothing happened.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled both iPlayer desktop and Adobe Air but it has made no difference. The connection was reasonable (1.5Mbps); I'm using Windows 7. Nothing I can find in the iPlayer support pages.

Any suggestions welcome - TIA.

 BBC iPlayer won't download programmes - Zero
does it still need the k service peer to peer component? Perhaps peer to peer is blocked on that router or firewall(s)
 BBC iPlayer won't download programmes - Manatee
AFAIK the current version using Adobe Air is totally different to the original and no longer uses peer-to-peer at all. Happy to be corrected of course if I have got this round my neck.
 BBC iPlayer won't download programmes - rtj70
K-Service not needed as said above it uses Adobe AIR. Works on a Mac too now.
 BBC iPlayer won't download programmes - Crankcase
Also in Cambridge, the iPlayer was working intermittently over the weekend with an error from their end, so you may just have been unlucky with your timing.
 BBC iPlayer won't download programmes - Manatee
Thanks Crankcase. I'll bear that in mind.
 BBC iPlayer won't download programmes - rtj70
I used iPlayer on the Mac on Saturday - a programme I thought had recorded had not. And it had not appeared on Virgin Media catch up TV by then. Downloaded it and watched in iPlayer.

What my laptop and iMac have both wanted to do this weekend is download a new version of iPlayer and Adobe AIR.
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