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 Windows 7, Mail and MAPI - borasport
Technical stuff that I don't understand, so I thought I'd ask some clever people :-)

Microsoft, according to a post I read 'Microsoft broke backward compatibility for Windows 7 and Outlook 2007' and it did this by not making Windows 7 compatible with MAPI that had been used upto then.

This is a problem for us as we have software (crystal reports) embedded in our product that uses that MAPI and it is now failing.

Now much as I could Google this stuff, there is little chance of me understanding what I see, so my question, in short, is does anyone know of any patch or workround to make Windows7 backwards compatible with the old MAPI ?
 Windows 7, Mail and MAPI - John H
SAP community support forums say that the problem of Crystal report export to MAPI not working in Windows 7 has been fixed and set to be released in Fix Pack 2.6 for Cr 2008 and 6.2 for CR XI R2.
Fix Pack 2.6 has been released and fix for CR XI R2 will be in Fix Pack 6.2 which is due out shortly.
 Windows 7, Mail and MAPI - Iffy
Go on then, at the risk of appearing stupid, what's MAPI?

 Windows 7, Mail and MAPI - Zero
Its a application program interface for messaging. An API is basically a series of standard function calls, hooks and processes that other software vendors can use to interoperate with windows.
 Windows 7, Mail and MAPI - Iffy
...application program interface for messaging...

I am a little, but not much, wiser.

Or put another way, I couldn't tell you if I've got one or not.

 Windows 7, Mail and MAPI - smokie
Basically if you wanted to write a program to do something with email, you wouldn't need to write all the detailed routines which do the low level mail handling - these are the APIs. You just write the code to do the fancy bits outside the fundamental mail processing tasks then "call" one of the APIs when you want to do something with mail.
 Windows 7, Mail and MAPI - Iffy
...Basically if you wanted to write a program to do something with email...

Thanks, Smokie, I have a firmer grasp now.

Email to me is just Hotmail which I can log onto from my laptop, the Eee PC or my desktop PC at work.

Oh, and from my cheap PAYG Nokia phone, but the writing was a bit titchy, so I don't think I'll be doing that again.

 Windows 7, Mail and MAPI - borasport
>> SAP community support forums

I suspect that's the post I originally found - unfortunately, it's Crystal 9 that is embedded in our product and there is little prospect of them patching that
 Windows 7, Mail and MAPI - Aaron C. Rescue
Borasport- what about trying a little virtualisation?

I'm using Sun's Virtualbox at present to virtualise a number of XP-based machines. Depending on the underlying power of the host machines, you could give this a go. The software itself is free, though you'll need XP install discs and all the various applications you
want to use to get XP up and running.

I've tried various bits of virtualisation software over the years (VMWare mostly) but Virtualbox is probably the easiest way to get into it.

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