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 Registry Cleaners - Robin O'Reliant
My PC is taking ages to load internet pages. This happened after installing security software recommended by my online bank, even though I have uninstalled it the problem persists which leads me to think it might have mullered the registry.

Now normally I would no more frig about with the registry than perform DiY brain surgery with a Stanley Knife, but in case there is no alternative could any of you geeks out there recommend me a registry cleaner that is gauranteed not to cause me more problems than i already have?

Thanks in advance.
 Registry Cleaners - sajid
if you richtclick on the taskbar and see how many processes are running on your pc you could trim them by running msconfig you can select wat task and services you want to run on start up.

it looks to me your pc maybe runnnig too many procesess and this prob slows your pc down, defrag your hard drive, run a antispyware prog to highlight if you got any malaware running, also check the temp of your cpu cooler it may be running hotter, is it due to dust??

there are programs that will cut down on the size of your registry, best one is registry mechanic, i run that weekly, and it helps, as when you uninstall a program some of the orphan files are left in the registry, and by not removing them it slows your pc.

Also empty your temp files, that will speed up your hard drive, you dont say what pc specs you got or wat op system you have?

 Registry Cleaners - Zero
I have safely used the one from tweaknow in the past.

I doubt any registry cleaner will speed up your page loading tho.

I would think about deleting your browser and installing a new one.
 Registry Cleaners - Victorbox
I've used the built in registry cleaner in Ccleaner for years with no problems. It will clean up all your other rubbish as well.
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 Registry Cleaners - smokie
Personally I hate cleaners, they usually clean up much more than I want them to, and often don't address the problem I was hoping they would. Guess you don't have a Restore Point you can revert to?
 Registry Cleaners - MD
Ccleaner excellent
 Registry Cleaners - Iffy
...Personally I hate cleaners...

I took it into my head to download one from a company which is a 'Microsoft gold partner'.

It found loads of errors, fixed them, and the computer did seem to be firing up and running quicker.

Trouble was, the computer wouldn't restart after I shut it down.

One system restore later, and I'm almost back to normal.

Fair play to the company, they refunded the price of software within a couple of days of me asking.

But I'm left with a couple of problems - I can now longer back up to my usb drive using the 'back up and restore center' in Windows.

And I get an occasional Bluetooth stack error message, whatever that means.

I think I've backed-up OK with Replicator, and I don't use Bluetooth, but the cleaner has done one job and made others.

The computer is in a slightly better condition than before I used the cleaner.

But on balance, I wish I'd never bothered.

 Registry Cleaners - smokie
"no longer back up to my usb drive"

Is the USB drive appearing OK in My Computer, and is it the same disk letter as it always was? What error do you get, and when?

If you don't use Bluetooth, try to uninstall it. Look in Control Panel/Add Remove programmes or in the Bluetooth syb menu from your Start Menu
 Registry Cleaners - Aretas
CCleaner is indeed excellent. Customisable so that it doesn't touch what you don't want it to touch, and not harsh enough to cause problems. Everyone should have it and run it every week. Freebies don't get much better.
 Registry Cleaners - MD
 Registry Cleaners - RattleandSmoke
CC cleaner is very good as it is a very easy way just to tune things up more than anything. It deletes all the temp files etc, running Microsoft's disks cleanup wizzard takes far too long.

 Registry Cleaners - smokie
Delete button is quickest, and you are in control...
 Registry Cleaners - Stuartli
Comodo's Registry Cleaner is, like CCleaner, very effective.
 Registry Cleaners - Robin O'Reliant
Thanks Stuart, tried that one and it seems to have done the trick (fingers X'd).
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