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 SD Memory cards - borasport
What's the difference between SD and SDHC - what does 'class 6' mean ?

What's the best place to get cheapish 16gb cards, and is it worth paying more for a known brand or are they all the same anyway.

n.b. They are only ever going to be used as temporary storage to listed to audiobooks in the car

 SD Memory cards - TimOrridge
SDHC just means "High Capacity 2GB +" and but a lot of older devices wont see the extra capacity over 2GB. Class 6 means transfer rates of 6MB/per sec. As for brands I have had a SANDISK branded and it has lasted me nearly 3 years and has been in cameras, photo frames and my satnav and still works fine. If you are only dealing with audio books and they are backed up go for a ebuyer extra value type card?
 SD Memory cards - smokie
Also usually have reasonable prices. I don't think you'd need particularly high transfer rates for your needs. Higher rates are required when dealing with photography and video.
 SD Memory cards - rtj70
>> a lot of older devices wont see the extra capacity over 2GB

Some card readers and devices won't be able to access SDHC cards at all. I know my card reader won't. My TomTom 720 will read them but cannot write to them.
 SD Memory cards - lancara
Have a Garmin 205W and have no problems using a 4gb SD card - have the full City Navigator Europe plus Topo EspaƱa together with the usual safety camera and numerous POI files.

Have a bog-standard 8gb card in the camera - normally use it for landscapes, etc., with no problems; however was out on the final stage of the Castilla & Leon cycle race yesterday and found you need the higher speed rating card to use the continuous frame rate setting without the camera buffer filling-up
 SD Memory cards - spamcan61
For the sake of maximum compatibility I'd go with a 2GB SD card like this:-

However a 4GB SDHC card will give you more GB per pound, at the expense of limited compatibility with older card readers / PCs etc.:-

P.S. - just thining, about a year ago I bought a 5 pack of those Kingston 2GB cards for 14 quid :-/

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 SD Memory cards - Iffy
I've had good service from:

They do what it says on the tin.
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 SD Memory cards - Tooslow
I've used Competitive prices and fast delivery.
 SD Memory cards - Stuartli
SDHC represents Secure Digital High Capacity (memory cards) with a minimum capacity of 4GB - older devices supporting SD specifications 1.0 and 1.1 will not be able to be used with SDHC cards.
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