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 Virus/Trojan Alert - rtj70
I am not suggesting this was related to this site but a warning in case. My work laptop on which I am connected (and had two other sites open) reported a problem with:


These were trapped by the latop's security software and a call automatically logged on our helpdesk. So two calls tomorrow and a visit to the office no doubt to check these out.

The alert came up when I visited here. I am not suggesting anything and it might be another site (HJ!). But members beware. I was surprised to see an alert but two together.
 Virus/Trojan Alert - rtj70
Just popped over to HJ and the security alert appeared. So do not go there!!!!
 Virus/Trojan Alert - RattleandSmoke
What anti virus software are you using? I have seen this quite a few times in the last few weeks. A local electrical supplier seems to have their website hacked and was triggering a clients machine with Kapersky installed.
 Virus/Trojan Alert - rtj70
This was on the company laptop so fully managed Symantec Endpoint Protection.
 Virus/Trojan Alert - Pat
I've been on here and HJ this morning and followed it by an Avast full scan and then just to be sure a boot scan.
Both came out clean which would suggest there is no problem with either of these websites.

I did notice though that Rattle has moved to a new home!
Apparently he living behind a dashboard in a Fiesta in the backroom:)

 Virus/Trojan Alert - sajid
there a nasty virus/trojan that infected my pc, called securithy tools, was a pain to remove it, i did a system restore and updated my microsfot essential security software and ran a full scan it showed that securit tool was in my system restore folder luckily it deleted it
 Virus/Trojan Alert - RattleandSmoke
I would do a root kit scan although MSE is actually very good. Far better than AVG.

The problem I am finding lately is that once a client gets infected with PC Security tools or what ever it can often install root kits which are then very hard to remove.

I always use my linux systems when dealing with clients data now as its so much safer.

That said I have never really had a virus apart from my virtual machine which I sometimes infect on purpose.

These viruses are about 30% of my business now and it has helped me have my best ever April - not bad considering I was away for one week of it! I hate dealing with virus infections though as it feels like I am profiting from other peoples misery but then I suppose that is what most traders do!
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 Virus/Trojan Alert - sajid
so far rattle, got no more of this nasty virus, heard that the malaware always update their fake antiviruses faster than the real commercial antivirus
 Virus/Trojan Alert - Iffy
What are the symptoms of this virus?

Or of viruses generally?

 Virus/Trojan Alert - Dog
>>What are the symptoms of this virus? Or of viruses generally?<<

Your computer runs more slowly than normal
Your computer stops responding or locks up often
Your computer crashes and restarts every few minutes
Your computer restarts on its own and then fails to run normally
Applications on your computer don't work correctly
Disks or disk drives are inaccessible
You can't print correctly
You see unusual error messages
You see distorted menus and dialog boxes
 Virus/Trojan Alert - Zero
the best ones have no symptoms...

till your banking accoint details go awol.
 Virus/Trojan Alert - Iffy

Thanks, Dog.

Just done a scan, no snuffles here.

 Virus/Trojan Alert - RattleandSmoke
Modern viruses are well written and are designed to avoid protection. I had one with a rootkit the other week. All virus scanners said the machine was clean even though I knew for a fact it had a rootkit installed. An offline virus scan when the hard drive was slaved revealed the extent of the root kits.

It did not have a legit copy of Windows so I simply told the customer there was nothing I could do as the windows files have been modified too much and I cannot replace them because that would be piracy.

A good tip I am passing onto customers is to use the virtual keyboard rather than the physical keyboard when entering in bank details. That way any keyloggers won't work.

Most bank sites now ask you for the 3rd 5th or 9th letter of the password in attempt to confuse key loggers.

In general though as longs as you have decent anti virus software and the scan isn't showing anything up you're probably be ok.
 Virus/Trojan Alert - L'escargot
>> In general though as longs as you have decent anti virus software and the scan
>> isn't showing anything up you're probably be ok.

I have "Webroot AntiVirus with Spy Sweeper" on subscription, which updates at least daily, plus "Webroot Desktop Firewall". Would you class that as decent?
 Virus/Trojan Alert - RattleandSmoke
It is probably ok but it is none of them ones we tend to use. Microsoft Security Essentials is very good if you know what you're doing. It just lets you get on with it and is very good and finding viruses and even root kits.

Malware Bytes is also very good but you can only use it for personal use. I have the the paid technicians version (£80) a year and it has stopped working. It won't let me update it and contacting them is very difficult :(
 Virus/Trojan Alert - Dog
>>Modern viruses are well written and are designed to avoid protection.<<

S'funny ... when I was in the car tuning/diagnostic game, after 14 years & 5 cars a day, I sorta knew the game outside in, inside out - like you and puters.
So, I came to thinking if I lived in Manc., you could nuke my root kits (whatever they are) and I get get to play with Teddy's toys in his garage :)
Lemme know if there's a 3 bedder with a 1/3 of acre character prop with solid fuel Rayburn c£250k.

P.S. We can all dream!
 Virus/Trojan Alert - Bellboy
RattleandSmoke im confused ,you say you cant do windows changes why not?,surely if someone has a proper copy of windows you can go into the registry and move files etc?or you could reinstall a clean one and get the authorisation code from microsoft? seeing as the original instal number will be on the machine somewhere
why dont you have some of these on stock to sell to customers?
i paid £65 for my windows xp at a trade fair,surely you could buy some of these and punt them on for a profit?
 Virus/Trojan Alert - RattleandSmoke
That is the point the machine didn't have a genuine copy. Most people with ilegal copies of windows are petty crooks with 100's of copied DVDs and the like. They will not pay for a copy of windows.

Also OEM copies can only be installed on new machines.

The answer would be Ubuntu but it is just more trouble than its worth. I will be getting phone calls up when they cannot get their new printer to work etc.
 Virus/Trojan Alert - Bellboy
how do you get them to pay for your work then if they have an illegal windows ?
surely theres nothing you can do other than charge them a callout remittance?
 Virus/Trojan Alert - Iffy
...if they have an illegal windows...

Don't tell the OP - he will send the boys round. :)
 Virus/Trojan Alert - Zero
>> Also OEM copies can only be installed on new machines.

Not strictly true, an OEM copy can only (officially) be *purchased* with new hardware, once bought you can stick it anywhere. (but only in one place at a time). Itrs quite legitimate to do a minor hardware upgrade (say memory or cpu) and purchase an OEM license to legitimise and replace their copy of windows.

I buy OEM versions for my client and own builds, except this time around I have an educational license for win 7. (legitimate, nicole is at uni doing a masters to her degree)
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