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 Can't install MSN Messenger on Windows 7 laptop - Dave_
I've had this thing for a couple of weeks now, and try as I might I can't persuade Messenger to install on it. My daughter wants it on there so she can chat to her mum and sister who live over an hour's drive away from us, and assorted friends and family from 1 to 1000 miles away.

When I try to run the downloaded wlsetup-custom program, or the wlsetup-web one, I get the following information after the full installation process has run:

Messenger couldn't be installed because we had trouble installing this requirement:
- Microsoft Application Error Reporting
An error occurred during the installation of assembly:
'Microsoft.VC80.CRT, version="8.0.50727.42"
Please refer to Help & Support for more information.
Please close all other open programs, and then try again.
It looks like another program is preventing the installer from working. hr:0x80070643

Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?
 Can't install MSN Messenger on Windows 7 laptop - rtj70
Have you had problems installing any other software?

Try installing something else (e.g. Acrobat Reader) to check the install process works. Could this be an issue with Windows installer - possibly not.

Also is Microsoft .NET Framework 2 installed? And if so, maybe it's not installed correctly?
 Can't install MSN Messenger on Windows 7 laptop - Victorbox
From memory, don't you get Messenger for Windows 7 from the available downloads in Windows Live which appears as an optional download in Microsoft Update? Microsoft Update is available in your program menu.
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 Can't install MSN Messenger on Windows 7 laptop - Dave_
.Net Framework installation gives me the message "This product is already installed as part of your operating system". Which is a nuisance as it was a 22MB download and I only get 1GB/month allowance on this connection...

I can't find a specific "Messenger for Windows 7" on the MS website either. I have the Windows Live Installer already, because it asks for consent to install Messenger and several other pieces of software which I don't know if I need or not. But then it fails at installing Messenger after downlaoding it.
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 Can't install MSN Messenger on Windows 7 laptop - Zero
There is no specific MSN messenger for windows 7. You need to install windows live and tick off the bits you dont need.

DO a system restore back to a time you started trying to install it, and then try reinstalling windows live.

 Can't install MSN Messenger on Windows 7 laptop - Dave_
I'll try that, but it's a brand new laptop with nothing else installed on it :-( The only use it's had has been Internet Explorer and trying to install Messenger.

I tried to install the latest version of Messenger on my desktop but it wouldn't work on there either.
 Can't install MSN Messenger on Windows 7 laptop - smokie
Tried installing an older version (msi installer rather than the newer stuff?) Not sure it would work, or make any difference, but it could be worth a go.

It says it's 7.1mb
 Can't install MSN Messenger on Windows 7 laptop - John H
It says here that
To install or uninstall Windows Live products, you must have administrator rights on the computer.
Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 or higher*
* Not required when installing on Windows 7 or Windows Vista.
so downloading .NET 2.0 sure was a bit of a waste.

Do you have admin rights? The folks at MS Technet explain how to run as admin and suggest that you download and install using full version of wlsetup-all.exe
install using clean boot procedure
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