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 Zeus Trojan - any cause for alarum? - Manatee
Mrs Dugong was concerned today to hear on the wireless reports of this threat that reportedly steals bank details. A quick search reveals a number of "news" items that all seem to link to some PR by Trusteer, whose Rapport security software has been distributed by a number of banks.

It supposedly exploits Firefox in particular. It has prompted me to run full scans but as usual no problems found.

Is this just PR puffery or an especially dangerous threat? Any of you IT types seen anything out of the ordinary?
 Zeus Trojan - any cause for alarum? - Zero
This is an old threat, that was significantly reduced when they took out the botnet in kazakstahn that was exploiting and propagating it.

There are signs the botnet is coming back up again, but as an old threat its well covered by most security programs and av's
 Zeus Trojan - any cause for alarum? - Robin O'Reliant
It was downloading Trusteer that banjaxed the registry on my PC (see thread on the same). I would take their claims with a pinch of salt.
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