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 Google 3D Streetview. - R.P.
Before I went away Google had a 3D option on their streetview - whilst on holiday I er.....acquired some 3D glasses and now find that that Google have dropped the 3D option - what happened ?
 Google 3D Streetview. - Alanovich
It's still there. Right click the image in streetview and you'll see 3D in the pop up list.
 Google 3D Streetview. - SteelSpark
I'm intrigued to see how good the 3D is.
 Google 3D Streetview. - Zero
and me.
 Google 3D Streetview. - R.P.
I'll dig out the borrowed glasses and check it out.
 Google 3D Streetview. - R.P.
Cinema glasses don't work. Tried them with my polorized sun glasses and it went totally dark - couldn't see how much of a pillock I looked either. Must be for dedicated 3D computer screens unless there's a setting on my video card. Suppose I'll have to take the glasses back now.
 Google 3D Streetview. - CGNorwich
Was kind of funny on April 1st
 Google 3D Streetview. - Crankcase
 Google 3D Streetview. - Bellboy
try putting the glasses on upside down
pull your trouser leg up (left leg only)
put a hb 7 pencil up your right nostril
and try again
it wont work but photos please/......................
 Google 3D Streetview. - Zero
Bellboy - you sound like you are in the same lodge as me.
 Google 3D Streetview. - Bellboy
they refused me admission unfortunately
madness was the reason
not sure on which side though
 Google 3D Streetview. - R.P.
From the little I know not your side, you sound far too sane.
 Google 3D Streetview. - bathtub tom
What on earth are you doing up at this time of night PU?

At your age I would've thought you needed your beauty sleep, besides which, you've, erm, other commitments.

Congrats by the way. ;>)
 Google 3D Streetview. - L'escargot
>> put a hb 7 pencil up your right nostril

HB is HB. There's no such thing as HB7!
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