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 Windows Update to 2004 - No FM2R

I just allowed this update to happen, with some trepidation having read all the problems on the internet.

It took a long time, but otherwise was without any issue or difficult and all is working fine [touch wood].

Just mentioning it should you find yourself with similar doubts.
 Windows Update to 2004 - tyrednemotional
4 out of 5 m/cs chez nous updated successfully weeks ago - the 5th still has the "not ready yet" message.
 Windows Update to 2004 - No FM2R
>>updated successfully weeks ago

Huh. I only saw the availability message last night. Was I not paying attention or has it intentionally been spread over a long period?
 Windows Update to 2004 - tyrednemotional
It is being very much phased (and there are still "issues" being resolved).

My laptop picked up the notification about two-days after release (about the end of May), and the other machines (bar one) in dribs and drabs, but even then quite early on.

I have one which is "stalled" awaiting resolution of perceived issues.
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 Windows Update to 2004 - Zero
Mine is "ready to download 2004"

I have just edited the registry to put it on hold pending resolution of some of the issues
 Windows Update to 2004 - James Loveless
Just checked and my PC was updated to 2004 on 15/07/2020.

It was quick and (fortunately) trouble-free.
 Windows Update to 2004 - smokie
Mine is happening now.

These big updates always take away the Windows 7 Microsoft games which I waste mucho time on, but luckily I have them in a zip file so I can just re-install them again. Freecell is my fave, followed by Minesweeper then Taipei.
 Windows Update to 2004 - Duncan
>> Just checked and my PC was updated to 2004 on 15/07/2020.

How do you check?
 Windows Update to 2004 - tyrednemotional
 Windows Update to 2004 - Duncan
Just had a fiddle. It updated itself on the 15th, I think it was.
 Windows Update to 2004 - smokie
Wish I'd not bothered. Email (Outlook) is now very slow and pics in emails take forever and sometimes fail, and links in emails take nearly a minute to open. I'll spend a few mins researching but I did image the C drive before I began and will be rolling back if I can't fix it.

However my experience probably isn't typical.
 Windows Update to 2004 - Duncan
>> Just had a fiddle. It updated itself on the 15th, I think it was.


Later on Friday, I think it was , I got a message to say update was being downloaded, your thing will restart a number of times.(I thought we had done all this?)

Fair enough, do nothing. Later I got a message to it didn't recognise the camera. Do this, and do this. I did as I was told, and everything seems to be working ok, now.

Can you tell that I am not technical?
 Windows Update to 2004 - James Loveless
"Just checked and my PC was updated to 2004 on 15/07/2020.

How do you check?"

Settings > Update & Security > View update history
 Windows Update to 2004 - Robin O'Reliant
Mine was also updated on the 15th. I've had trouble loading photos from my phone via Bluetooth since about then, sometimes it will, sometimes it won't.

Everything else is ok.
 Windows Update to 2004 - bathtub tom
>>Mine is "ready to download 2004"

That's what mine says. Do I have to invite it in like a vampire, or will it eventually get fed up of waiting and download itself?
 Windows Update to 2004 - smokie
Not sure on that, I suspect eventually ti will just do it.

I rolled mine back the other day and the problems with Outlook went away. I'll try it again in a few weeks. (I suppose - if it ain't broke it's best left alone)
 Windows Update to 2004 - Falkirk Bairn
Success but it took 9 hours start to finish.
15, 8Gb, 1Tb disk and a poor BB connection
 Windows Update to 2004 - Bromptonaut
Mine updated overnight in middle of last week. No issues so far.
 Windows Update to 2004 - bathtub tom
I forgot all about this and after a day in 'treacle mode' yesterday (downloading, I presume), it updated overnight - slowly. Started around 23:00, I had a look after my usual 'trip across the landing' around 03:00, when it needed my password after a re-start. This morning it's whizzy.
 Windows Update to 2004 - No FM2R
I seem to have version 20H2.

Dunno when it happened or what it did, but it seems fine.
 Windows Update to 2004 - tyrednemotional
...It's a minor feature update being phase-released at the moment.

Unlike some, it is a very fast (small) download and quick installation.

(All 5 m/cs here now got it, though the first was about 3 weeks ago, and all the rest earlier this week).
 Windows Update to 2004 - No FM2R
Cheers. I'll look it up later and see if it brought me any advantage.
 Windows Update to 2004 - No FM2R
Nothing I care about, would seem to be the answer....
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 Windows Update to 2004 - smokie
The upgrades are often a bit irritating as they sometimes remove stuff (or block it) these days.

For instance the old Windows patience games. I like Freecell and Mahjong but Windows 10 remove the, at some point. Luckily I found a zipfile with them in and I just re-install them when it happens.

Also Microsoft don't want you to use the SMB1 protocol which is the only file sharing protocol my rather old but still working NAS uses, so each time they disable it then each time I have to faff around to re-enable it. In one of the upgrades they blocked ordinary users from ruing some Torrent programs but you can get round that by running them as Admin.

My daughter reckons an external DVD drive has stopped working with the latest upgrade, though this is till to be evaluated.

I rolled back a major upgrade earlier in the year as it gave me massive problems and I still haven't got round to trying it again.
 Windows Update to 2004 - Zero
Mine got upgraded to 20H2 middle of last week. Didnt see any change.

The big OS news tho is Mac Big Sur (OS 11) When do I leap in and upgrade the macbook air for something that looks pretty different and wont support any 32 bit apps.

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