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Mrs C has a monthly bookclub. They use Zoom.

At the last, it was announced by the organiser that they aren't going to use Zoom anymore for some reason that escapes me, but move to Teams.

We were using zoom on an Amazon fire tablet, which worked fine. Teams is not available on it.

My Windows 10 PC doesn't have a microphone, or a webcam.

So apart from the cost of that kit, is Teams, being an MS product, going to be the right pain in the hoop I imagine it will?

Given I've had years of experience with MS overblown software that is anything but simple to install and run, is it just download it from somewhere and it runs for free, like Zoom does? Or am I into "oh, you need a business account that works with a connected Facebook account but only if your PC has a licence number ending in a 6, plus you'll get error 19 of course which we won't explain...etc etc.

It would be a shame if she has to drop out of the bookclub because of this, but I'm not that excited about trying to get this working if it's a predictable nightmare. If the answer is "buy a new laptop with Teams already on it, assuming that's a thing, I'd rather do that.

Experience, anyone?

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