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 Breakdown cover with a hire car?! - Mapmaker
Italy. Why would you need to include breakdown cover when hiring a car? Isn’t this the hire company’s problem?

GBP5 for a day.

Guess it’s got to be paid, but really…
 Breakdown cover with a hire car?! - smokie
ISTR years ago that some fairly fundamental stuff wasn't included. For instance tyre damage wasn't included, nor was towing if you needed it.
 Breakdown cover with a hire car?! - Biggles
Do you have European coverage on a UK all cars breakdown policy?
 Breakdown cover with a hire car?! - legacylad
As you know, I hire a lot of cars overseas. Next one tomorrow in fact.
I always decline every extra they offer....I’ve always wondered about breakdown’s been a long time since I hired a car older than 3 years.
I would hope that in a a breakdown situation, if I did incur costs, my CDW policy would cover it.
But I’m not sure and don’t want to find out the hard way....given tomorrow’s expected flight delays from LBA, I may take the ‘small print’ and read it.
 Breakdown cover with a hire car?! - Mapmaker
Realisation is that I had booked through Autoeurope. The €20 hire charge for one day augmented by a €10 CDW (provided by Ae, so not outrageously expensive), and then their kind offer of breakdown insurance on top.

Think I was ripped off. (By a fiver, who cares, it was only for one day.) Learning point for next time.

Roman traffic was ‘challenging’ and the Fabia completely gutless. Otherwise it was fun. Years since I last drove a little petrol car, I’d forgotten how light the controls feel - the Fabia being quite a contrast to my own Superb for all that the dashboard and controls were spookily familiar!
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