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 Bidvertiser? - Statistical Outlier
I just got a pop up asking me to confirm or deny that I wanted to run the application 'Bidvertiser' after I clicked on a thread title. AFAIK this is a pay per click advert server application.

I'm happy and indeed keen to view normal adverts on here, but that's going a bit too far. Afraid adblock plus is back on for now..
 Bidvertiser? - smokie
I've notified da Webmaster.
 Bidvertiser? - car4play
Despite disapproving of a load of ads on the Bidvertiser control panel, we still seem to be getting Hungarian, Turkish, Ukranian .. etc. ads.

.. I knew I should have paid more attention in those Eastern European studies lessons...

Edited: Jetzt haben wir deutschen Anzeigen
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