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 How do I reduce the amount of spam I receive? - merlin
I used to lead a team developing a spam filter system. The best filters detect +99% of all spam with < 0.04% of non-spam (ham) incorrectly marked as spam.

Personally I don't use any spam filter but then I like to see the spam out of curiosity and to keep intouch with what spammers are doing.

The two domains you mention are linked with the same nameserver (NS1.ABORITERING.COM) so are almost certainly from the same source. Checking on and, these domains are not listed as found in spam. This surprised me and suggests that what you are receiving is not technically spam but unwanted ham (often confused with spam). I would need to see the mail you are receiving to confirm. Blocking based on the from address won't work for real spam as spammers use random from addresses. However if you get unwanted ham, then blocking using the from address should do the job.

To avoid spam I would use a throwaway email addresses ( ) whenever I give an email address to anyone other than very close family & friends. If you give your real email address to websites then inevitably your address will get on spammers mailing lists sooner or later. Email addresses that I gave to the old site (no great surprise given their security), a national newspaper and a large car company have some how found their way onto the spammers' lists.

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