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 Restoring from a back-up drive - any tips? - Iffy
My laptop decided not to restart yesterday, so I ended up doing a rescue/restore which took me back to November of last year.

At the same time, I defragged the hard drive and ran one of those 'tune-up' utilities.

Theres no doubt powering on and off is quicker, so it was a job well done from that point of view.

However, the restore blitzed iTunes, which contained the only data I really care about, my music.

Happily, I backed up to my usb drive last week, so it should all be on there.

Will it be straightforward to restore my data - the music files - from the back-up drive?

At the moment, there's no copy of iTunes on the laptop.

My plan is to download one, before plugging in the usb drive, so the drive has somewhere to put all the music files.

I'll be using the 'back-up and restore center' utility which is part of Windows Vista.

Most of my computing is 'click and hope', but I really don't want to mess this up, so any tips will be appreciated.

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