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 Volvo - V60 Cross Country. - R.P.
Off for a test drive tomorrow in a D4, contemplating a T5 (petrol) The deal is good - if I took finance ( 0 percent) there's a 2.5k deposit contribution from the dealer and a 7.5% "Affinity" discount. Bringing it down from the 40k sticker price.
 Volvo - V60 Cross Country. - Duncan
Why are they so anxious to get rid of them? Is it run out stock?
 Volvo - V60 Cross Country. - Netsur
Have they fixed the EGR clogging issue in the D4?
 Volvo - V60 Cross Country. - Zero
No-one has fixed any EGR clogging issue on any car. Its a technology designed to fail, water cooling it can help, but not fully alleviate it.
 Volvo - V60 Cross Country. - Runfer D'Hills
I was parked next to a V90 Crosscountry today. Found myself rather liking it. Might be an age thing of course, but I reassured myself by not liking the Honda Jazz next to it at least. ;-)
 Volvo - V60 Cross Country. - CGNorwich
There comes a time when you realise that by far the most important thing about a car is whether you can get in it or not. You realise this at roughly the same time as you find what a good thing hats are.
 Volvo - V60 Cross Country. - Kevin
>You realise this at roughly the same time as you find what a good thing hats are.

I went into town yesterday to pick up Mrs K from the dentist and pay a cheque into the bank. Car said outside temp was 3C. I have a Barbour hat I bought for shooting in winter when i lived in Yorkshire - wish I'd taken it because it sure as heck didn't feel like 3C.
 Volvo - V60 Cross Country. - R.P.
Called at the Anglesey dealer today. First class service. The dog-crate wouldn't fit. They'd anticipated this and sourced a T5 V90 that just, and only just didn't hit the 40k tax threshold. They wheeled out a V90 CC demo and the crate fitted perfectly.They then got a petrol demo to give me an accompanied test drive, this was scrubbed at the last moment and they said I could take it for the weekend. I can't commend them enough. Shuffling cars around until we got what we wanted. The one they've found will be shod with winter tyres (they'll store and swap the tyres - how old fashioned). I've brought it home and will give it a testing tomorrow. Trip home across was fine, the superb active cruise control has evolved since I owned my V40 and was engaged in heavy traffic after a bridge strike on the A55. Flawless. Very smart interior, super shard in fact. Seems like a very good motor. I've got until Monday to decide. The one I've been loaned is metallic grey, the one they've fond for me is a new for 2020 "pine grey" fully loaded with the winter pack and other nice things.

Initial impressions of the car are fine. The interior design is superb with the the large touch screen controlling more or less everything. A real object lesson in ergonomics and easy to get used to via the iPAD sized display. Talking to the salesman it's clear that a lot of "factory" extras are retrofittable, maybe a neat way of dodging the tax thresholds.

Again lovely service from Ty'n Lon Volvo - a long standing independent Volvo dealer - no hard sell only friendly solution seeking.
 Volvo - V60 Cross Country. - Bobby
Have Volvo finally done away with that keypad layout of number buttons on their dash?
 Volvo - V60 Cross Country. - Zero
Yonks ago, been replaced by a large touch screen
 Volvo - V60 Cross Country. - Paul Robinson
I'd be interested to hear how you feel about the physical size of the V90, particularly coming from a 3 series. On paper a V90 would be a good choice for me, but having had a Volvo S80 in the past which was lovely in many ways but a pain at times because of the sheer bulk of it and wasn't brilliant to manoeuvre ...
 Volvo - V60 Cross Country. - R.P.
Paul, it was around 500mm longer than the 3 Series and a little wider. The lock, bizarrely, was b as good as the 3 Series, probably down to the 3's X Drive. Whilst a superb dual carriageway cruiser, it proved unwieldy in the Morrisons' car-park test and public car-park tests - just too long for comfort. We carried a rear seat passenger last night for 100mile round trip and she reported masses of room, but she did feel very far away from the front seats ! I had made the decision not to have it by that time and the dealership were cool with me keeping it an extra night. Took it back this morning and test drove a D4 V60 CC which felt perfect. After an age of shopping around different options decided on a V60 T5 CC plus. This was already ear-marked for the dealer so should be with them in a week or so, with all discounts applied the price dropped by 10%, I had what I expected for the BMW. So I'm happy. The crate issue will be sorted tomorrow. (sell the old one which is like new and buy a new bespoke one)

V90 sort of wafts along in a very unhurried way, but its waftness belies a turn of speed when required.
 Volvo - V60 Cross Country. - Paul Robinson
Thank you, that's very helpful. Will be keen to read how you get on with the V60 CC!
 Volvo - V60 Cross Country. - R.P.
If you cast your mind back we owned two Volvos in recent years. The 5 cylinder D4 V50 which was an excellent all round load and dog lugger and the the much missed (mostly) V40 T5 CC - they were very good in our tenure no real issues, the V50 even had headlamp bulbs that you could change yourself ! If anyone wants a very good 2.5 year old Transk9 dog cage for

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I have one for sale. It will also fit larger cars e.g. a V90 ;-)
 Volvo - V60 Cross Country. - Zero

>> I have one for sale. It will also fit larger cars e.g. a V90 ;-)

If you have trouble getting shot, let me know and I'll cross post onto various dog sport websites. TransK9 and Safedog are very sought after cages.
 Volvo - V60 Cross Country. - R.P.
Thanks Zero
 Volvo - V60 Cross Country. - Crankcase
>>Trip home
>> across was fine, the superb active cruise control has evolved since I owned my V40
>> and was engaged in heavy traffic after a bridge strike on the A55.

Be interested to know in which way it has evolved? I'm struggling to think what it can do it didn't before?
 Volvo - V60 Cross Country. - R.P.
Well in a nutshell, you can now link it to speed limits, the car recognises the speed limits and slows down to that speed limit if you so choose. My old V40 couldn't do that.
 Volvo - V60 Cross Country. - Crankcase
Does it see a 50 sticker on the back of a van and go doolally on the motorway?
 Volvo - V60 Cross Country. - R.P.'s a free for all on the A55 !
 Volvo - V60 Cross Country. - Bobby
My BMW picks up all the speed signs from motorway sliproads.

Can be confusing sitting on motorway with the heads up telling me it’s a 30 limit!

There is also one local road where I turn left at the roundabout. It picks up the NSL sign on the straight ahead road but then changes to a 20 limit. I have searched and there is physically no 20 sign anywhere!
 Volvo - V60 Cross Country. - Zero
>> My BMW picks up all the speed signs from motorway sliproads.

My BMW has a pair of eyes behind the steering wheel. They are perfectly aligned to see the speed limit signs, unlike the dash display.

I cant think of anything less useful than a speed limit warning out of your eyeline.
 Volvo - V60 Cross Country. - James T
>> but then changes to a 20 limit. I have searched and there is physically no 20 sign anywhere!

There's a road where one of our cars reads the 20 from the front of a wheelie bin.
 Volvo - V60 Cross Country. - Crankcase
There's some stuff floating about that seems to imply these speed monitoring systems will be a requirement on new cars from about 2021, from memory?

If they are intended to apply brakes, as opposed to some sort of audible signal only, it sounds as if there may be a fair way to go with the tech yet.

 Volvo - V60 Cross Country. - Clk Sec

>> There's a road where one of our cars reads the 20 from the front of a wheelie bin.

What about the bin outside No 90? Must be quite confusing.
 Volvo - V60 Cross Country. - Zero
>> >> There's a road where one of our cars reads the 20 from the front
>> of a wheelie bin.
>> What about the bin outside No 90? Must be quite confusing.

No 156 wont be an issue for me, but some others may struggle.
 Volvo - V60 Cross Country. - Runfer D'Hills
I wouldn't try doing 156 on those little wheels and soft suspension, what's more, green cars are reckoned to be the least visible to other road users. Dodgy all round really if you start driving about too fast...

Just saying, don't want you getting into any bother and so on...

 Volvo - V60 Cross Country. - tyrednemotional
>> No 156 wont be an issue for me......

...unless it happens to be the number 156 bus......?
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 Volvo - V60 Cross Country. - Avant
I thought vehicle tax was based on the list price of the car, which must be way over £40k for a V90 T5. Presumably not a deal-breaker, compared with the cost of the car.

Two things to make sure you can live with:

1 The touchscreen controlling heating and AC: could be dangerous on its own but there's a voice control alternative. I don't know how well that works.

2 Thirst: I had a V60 D4 which averaged low 40s mpg from a mixture of short and long runs - poor for a diesel. I have two friends with XC40s - a T5 which does about 32 mpg and a D4 averaging 42 mpg.

I appreciate that the dog crate restricts choice, although in your shoes I think I'd be trying a Skoda Superb estate (petrol 272 bhp), in the hope that it could do everything a V90 could but more economically and for less initial cost.
 Volvo - V60 Cross Country. - R.P.

The threshold is £40,258 - there's an instant £1000.00 hit as you drive it out of the showroom. Annual tax (on V60s above the threshold) is £300.00 above the normal rate for five years, so £2.5k in total. My three series dodged the 40k limit by six months...
 Volvo - V60 Cross Country. - Zero
if you cant afford the 500 quid road tax, you cant afford to consider near £40k cars.
 Volvo - V60 Cross Country. - R.P.
I just resent paying it.
 Volvo - V60 Cross Country. - R.P.
As a left field test we took a Subaru Levorg for a test. The dog crate fits in the back. Beautiful dynamics (a face only its mother could love though) fully loaded for 30k on the road - it was a lovely drive- it is a CVT auto. 5 year warranty was a draw. Mrs RP took it by the scruff of the neck and woke it up dynamically, ultimately just a little small for our needs (much smaller inside than the 3 Series) - uninspiring interior. Shame really I really wanted to like it. Shame the e-boxer engine isn't available.
 Volvo - V60 Cross Country. - Zero
There is only ONE SUV of any note worth considering


Gott im Himmel that thing is utterly GORGEOUS

 Volvo - V60 Cross Country. - R.P.
There was a feature on it on the BBC Wales news the other evening. Made in St Athan, proudly sporting "Made in Wales" on its VIN plate. Yes, I would have one tomorrow.
 Volvo - V60 Cross Country. - Runfer D'Hills
Volvo are making some very attractive cars again, after a somewhat bland period (admittedly in my subjective opinion)

The other brand I've started "noticing" again is Peugeot. The new 5008 is nice, as indeed is the new 508 estate.

Hope you enjoy the car Rob.
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 Volvo - V60 Cross Country. - R.P.
Thanks Humph. The interiors are incredible - 5008 does have the look of the Pugs of yore..Police around here use them as response cars, easily mistaken for Traffic BMWs...which might be a good thing
 Volvo - V60 Cross Country. - Netsur
Was near Blackpool yesterday and was followed by a new 508. It overtook me at the top of a slip road. That is one good looking car.
 Volvo - V60 Cross Country. - R.P.
Car was delivered on Friday, been busy not much chance for a proper drive however today was a 100mile round trip.

The car is Ice White comes in the CC plus trim, which includes a full leather interior (old fashioned leather that is) in Amber. The interior design is superb. Minor irritation. Is the start button which is on the centre console and is a twist to start and to stop..There are 7 buttons on the dash, everything else is controlled from the Sonous system, most functions, once set can be operated by voice control, essential for the radio and heating I find. The Intellsafe system is remarkable, and the self steering is spooky, but it's wise enough not to let you take your hands off the wheel, n short when engaged this steers the car, linked to the City Safe system it is awesomely capable, Driving through town earlier there was a chime and a visual alert when someone was close to stepping off a pavement, I suspect it was preparing itself to stop.- it is trickery ! Gearbox is 8 speed auto, not as refined as the BMW with an old fashioned clunky gate unlike BMW's superb electronic selector. The adaptive all LED lighting is far better than my old V40 T5 - it seems to direct light from oncoming cars when it senses them, the beam pattern is directed to the verge (and pedestrians) I think it can be altered for LHD simply !

Difficult not compare it with the BMW, but here goes. It's higher, slightly longer and a little wider, in fact it's ride height is around 20cm. You Tube suggests some off road capability, in fact it has a proper off-road driving mode with Hill Descent mode built in when that is engaged. Its four cylinder 250bhp engine is near silent in use and linked to supple suspension it has a high "waft" factor. It is very smooth on dual carriageways. Somehow it seems unkind to urge it to go quicker, not used the performance on it yet, but tests I've seen suggest it's sufficient. So far so good. Compared to the V90 it feels "normal" that car is far too big :-)

Complaints: Very few so far - I can't stream from my iPhone at the moment, it has been linked to the car but won't stream music for some odd reason, it is supposed to ! The self locking should be like the Mazda's....walk away from the MX5 and it locks behind you.

The Dealer has been superb as mentioned before, the option was to go to Chester which is closer, but the intimacy of a family company and superb staff was worth the extra.
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