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 Sorry to use the f-word - Bobby

Pup is now 20 weeks old and this will be his first fireworks experience. Any tips on how to get him through his first that will then work for all the following ones?

Already he is showing some anxiety around noises. Have taken him walks along busy roads which he was fine with, even sat on platform as trains passed by. But in the house, pot or bin lids falling or even the worse just now, you know how you shake a bin liner fully open to put it in your bin? He runs away when you do that - happy to sniff about the bag when its stationary in your hand but freaks at the noise.

The Dyson, he has kind of learned to accept it though still will move away from it.

Have heard different theories of taking him a walk so that he can see the lights to match the bangs, playing loud music to drown it out, and not to mollycuddle him when he gets scared.

Any tips would be appreciated.
 Sorry to use the f-word - Zero
Do not make a fuss of the dog if it shows any reaction to fireworks, if you do you reinforce the reaction. Get a CD with firework noises to desensitise the dog before the event. Ill try and find the one all the dog trainers use
 Sorry to use the f-word - R.P.
When I first had the Working Cocker, I used to take him out for a walk at the first sound or sight of firework. He's 13 years old now and it has never bothered him. The Springer is scared witless by them (and by shotguns) I firmly believe that a combination of exposure and what Zero says. The Springer was well and truly spooked by our neighbours letting off fireworks when he was a youngster - he's not been the same since, he's frightened by noisy television explosions...otherwise he's not in the least "nervy"
 Sorry to use the f-word - Bobby
cheers - or you tube links and I could play through the TV while he is in the house?
 Sorry to use the f-word - Bobby
Playing him this one just now at loud volume - keeps looking at TV but otherwise not flinched
 Sorry to use the f-word - Zero
 Sorry to use the f-word - Duncan

Could you do some of those recordings for me?....
 Sorry to use the f-word - MD
My two Hooligans (Labs) stand on an earth bank at the garden and just watch the fireworks. Mind you they are both 'wired up wrong' :-)
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