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This is such a generalisation it will soon be blown apart - and is somewhat tic - but...

I engaged two workmen for some work in my garden for one day. Apart from being a bit late turning up, if they'd spent a bit less time standing chatting to each other and on their respective phones they could have pretty much been away by lunchtime.

I've just watched three blokes doing the front fascias and guttering on the house over the road. Again, chat, phone, chat, phone. And they still were easily gone by 3.

Next time you go past significant road works where there are actually workers to see (as opposed to unattended, which I know can happen for all kinds of reasons) just look how many of the gang are actually exerting themselves and how many are watching him (!!).

I've had Virgin attending a problem at my house regularly during lockdown. Each time they have not been furnished with the background and preceding visit info and have wanted to start again by doing what's already been done (same when I call them, we always start by powering the box off and on).

I'm too used to seeing it now but the country could probably save millions a year with better productivity, especially on large public projects...
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