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 Dartford Crossing Accounts Close After 15 Months - zippy
According to the local TV news today, pre-paid Dartford Crossing accounts close after 15 months of not being used and you are not automatically refunded for any balance within the account.

A driver who had his account closed without his knowledge got a fine for crossing and not paying!

Check your accounts folks and if you want to close your account and get your money back then the form is here...

Surprisingly there is no online option for this.
 Dartford Crossing Accounts Close After 15 Months - sooty123
Not really surprising, making it harder to claim back means they keep more money.
 Dartford Crossing Accounts Close After 15 Months - Bromptonaut
I had an email a few months ago to say my account was closed or at least suspended. Combination of Covid and using the M20/M26/M25W/M40 option mean I've not used it for well over a year.

I'm sure though that the message on my account shows I can re-activate by crossing.

Obviously, I'd need to cross in one of the two cars registered on my account.
 Dartford Crossing Accounts Close After 15 Months - zippy

Suggests you can be fined if your account closes without you indicating you want it kept open.

Slightly different from the TV news.
 Dartford Crossing Accounts Close After 15 Months - hawkeye
Well this is a welcome reminder; thanks Zippy.

Last visit to the French section of Mrs H's family was in Feb last year so I've searched the online account to see what I have to do to keep the account open. I couldn't find anything to help. There's £4.65 in there, waiting for the authorities to pocket it.

A call to Dart Charge mission control in Leeds revealed that the account will stay open if there's more than £10 in it. The chap who took my call offered an immediate refund or a top up from my card. I said I would do it online as my wallet wasn't nearby.


 Dartford Crossing Accounts Close After 15 Months - tyrednemotional
I've had an account for some years, generally used for at least 4 crossings per year, but, of course, none for the last year.

It was originally set up for i) the convenience of not having to do anything in real time (if the account is in credit), and ii) the fact that it originally gave a reasonable discount on the standard fee for each crossing.

I received the notification of impending closure (and was also aware that some people had had their account extended FOC), but I decided to close it anyway.

The discount for having an account is now rather less (50p per crossing) than it used to be, and they have, since I originally set up an account, introduced a "Paygo" system, whereby you can register your vehicle(s) and nominate a charge card. (So, much like the account, but with no minimum £10.00 commitment, but charged as and when).

I have a card for an account I use for PayPal, etc. which has only a small "float", and I intend to set this "Paygo" arrangement up before next crossing (heading for the continent in 2026 or so ;-) )

The request by 'phone to have my outstanding balance returned was answered promptly and politely, and the money hit my bank account rather quicker than I expected.
 Dartford Crossing Accounts Close After 15 Months - No FM2R
>>rather quicker than I expected.

Surely "more quickly"? Isn't quicker comparative as in "a is quicker than b"?

I wouldn't normally bother but Humph & Duncan have got so keen on this stuff lately that I'm trying to keep up..
 Dartford Crossing Accounts Close After 15 Months - tyrednemotional
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