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 Excel for Mac. - R.P.
I've ended up as being the treasurer for the local foodbank. Not hard work, but I need to produce a spreadsheet. I need to source a write/read and save version of Excel - The chair has agreed to pay for this. Having not really bothered with Microsoft products for the last ten years, I'm baffled by the choices available. Any advice ?? I need to keep it as cheap as possible.
 Excel for Mac. - Zero
Cheap as possible? how about free?

Its very good, an office suite, that has really good MS compatibility. you just "save as" in any MS format you want. I am secretary for a dog show/club using it for that.
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 Excel for Mac. - tyrednemotional
As Z.

Libreoffice will do most of what Excel will, and will save in the formats you want (or at least, I assume it will on the Mac version).

It is free.

The only possible issue you might have is if you inherit a complex spreadsheet that tests the (very high) level of compatibility.
 Excel for Mac. - R.P.
Thanks all. I think the freebies for now, we've just become a charity - Microsoft will take at least three weeks to process the application and I'll need to clear it with the trustees next week so will go into slow time !
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I save a few spreadsheets to my Dropbox account. When I open them through Dropbox, they use an online version of MS Excel.

I guess you'll need to create the spreadsheet using MS Excel in the first place, but once saved to Dropbox, you won't need to have MS Excel on your PC. I guess you have access to another PC with Excel on it?
 Excel for Mac. - R.P.
Usefully I have Excel on my other (MAC) computer...due to a problem with a particular key I can't use it for working on the spreadsheet. Good idea - I have drop box on both computers...I will give that a try ! :-) Thanks.
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Dave - that sounds like it could be Google Sheets or similar. Sheets saves to your cloud-based Google drive (free up to 10Gb I think). Easy peasy to share and update too. Pretty sure you can import from Excel and export to it too. Really handy if you are using more than one platform too.
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