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 Java question - L'escargot
Help, I'm in unfamiliar territory once more!

An icon which indicates "Java Update Available" has appeared on my computer's taskbar.

(1) What does Java do, and would you recommend that I have it installed?
(2) How can I tell whether I've got Java installed already?
(3) How can I tell whether the icon is genuine?

I'm wary about clicking on something which might just possibly be harmful.
 Java question - Tooslow
L, I'm sure someone will be along with a more informed answer but, in short , you're safe. Java is ubiquitous, it's everywhere, from your pc to your phone and your video recorder. It's a platform independent language (and probably a lot more too). If you want to check if you already have it go to uninstall programs, it'll show there. If you don't trust the java popup, Google java download, it will take you to a Sun site (the hardware / software company, not the "news"paper!

You do need to update from time to time, it's prone to being "exploited" like any almost software.

 Java question - Tooslow
ps, if you right click (from the uninstall panel) on Java and select open you can see a set of tabs. The Update tab allows you to choose how frequently Java checks automatically for updates. That should reassure you that it is genuine.
 Java question - car4play
I'll second that. In short, just update it. (It should have a hot cup of something (Java lava is it?) with swirls above it as the logo.)

It is just a language devised by Sun Microsystems to allow programs written in it to run on multiple devices. It is deliberately restricted in what it can do to your computer. Some websites have small Java "applets" on them to provide functionality that you can't get with a normal browser software. (e.g web cam control, control of a scanner through a browser, etc.)
 Java question - L'escargot
Thanks. I found it in "Add or Remove Programs", and I've now got Java 6 Update 20. You've both earned yourselves a thumbs up.
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