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 Cancelling existing BT contract - Fursty Ferret
Just moved into a new flat. Previous tenants had a BT line and are incommunicado at the moment. The line is still active and BT refuse to accept us as the new tenants. We want to cancel the current contract so we can take out our own broadband, but BT won't deal with us nor tell us the current phone number so another company can switch the line.

Any suggestions? Virgin Media not an option, I'm afraid, despite being central Manchester the flat isn't cabled.
 Cancelling existing BT contract - Zero
You have a problem in that the previous tenants are probably building up an unpaid phone bill. BT wont release the line if there is money owed.
 Cancelling existing BT contract - smokie
"nor tell us the current phone number "

Plug a phone in and call your mobile.

Also speak to the landlord.

Aren't Virgin delivering down regular wires now?? I thought cabling wasn't essential.
 Cancelling existing BT contract - rtj70
As said above, if the phone line is active then use it to call another phone to get a number.

I am sure they can pursue the previous tenants for money owed and still enable the line for you. Well one would hope!

We have a strange situation on our account.... our dormant BT account is accruing £2.99 per month credit! Hope to get it live again at the end of May.
 Cancelling existing BT contract - VxFan
>> "nor tell us the current phone number "
>> Plug a phone in and call your mobile.

And if it comes up as withheld, try prefixing your mobile number (or any number for that matter) with 1470 as the line might automatically block outgoing CLI (Call Line Identity) calls.
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 Cancelling existing BT contract - Fursty Ferret
Thanks for all the advice!

I tried calling BT with the number of the line but got no further. Apparently, while the previous tenant is paying the line rental, they can't cancel the account. Even though, as I pointed out, I'm standing in an empty flat looking at an empty phone socket.

Anyway, BT being BT offered an option:- apparently they can cancel the line if I agree to sign up to a 12 month contract with them for line rental.
 Cancelling existing BT contract - car4play
>> BT won't deal with us nor tell us the current phone

If you dial 17070 from the phone an automated message will tell you the phone number you are calling from and give you the option of a ring back among other things.

Edit: oops - sorry - just read that you have the number anyway.
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