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 Tesla - Hello from Sweden! - Lasse24!
Hi you all! Im lasse and im from Stockholm, Sweden. Im passionate about cars and im getting more and more interested in electrified cars. I do not own an electric car today but im getting closer and closer to get one, or at least an hybrid. Hope to get some inspiration on my journey from this forum!
 Tesla - Hello from Sweden! - Lygonos

This forum has a whole range of 'dynamic personalities', owning all variety of cars.

I have a petrol ICE (Honda FRV), a plug-in hybrid petrol-EV (BMW 225xe Active Tourer), and an EV (Merc B250e).

Even for non-vehicle related matters you'll find the residents possess a phenomenal level of knowledge about DIY, cooking, business, and shoes from Primark.

Just don't mention the Brexit.

(EDIT - the best forum for EV chatter is
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 Tesla - Hello from Sweden! - VxFan
>> (EDIT - the best forum for EV chatter is

I think you've diverted his attention from here.

Or maybe the website that was mentioned in his profile was to just gain some free advertising?
 Tesla - Hello from Sweden! - Lygonos
Who knows?

I know speakev's spamfilter appears pretty effective.

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