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 Moving stuff from SSD drive to Data drive (W10) - tyro
I have hung on to Windows 7, having liked it and been used to it, and not really liked what I saw of Windows 10.

However, I decided it was time to move, so I got a new laptop. I wanted a bigger hard drive - the old one has about 400 GB, but I wanted something bigger, so the new Window 10 computer has 1 TB. I opted to get one which also has a 117 GB SSD.

What has thrown me is that the USERS file is on the SSD drive (along with programmes files and Windows) , instead of the larger 1 TB hard drive. I thought it was just a matter of dragging the file from one drive to the other. But it seems most reluctant.

When I have tried to drag big files from the SSD to the Data drive, I get this message saying "There is not enough space on the SSD. You need an additional 35gb to copy these files."

Huh? I'm trying to move them OFF the SSD and on to the Data Drive?

Why did they put the "users" file on the smalller SSD drive? What is going on? How do I get the users file off the the SDD drive?
 Moving stuff from SSD drive to Data drive (W10) - Zero
You cannot and should not move /users to anything other than the boot (c:) drive. It contains other stuff other than your data, stuff that makes windows work.

The way to work this is to redirect and move Doc/Music/Video/Downloads directories.
 Moving stuff from SSD drive to Data drive (W10) - tyro

How does one redirect?

I have just loaded some pictures onto the computer. They go in a pictures file in OneDrive. When I try to move them to the Data Drive, which has 925gb free space on it, I get an error message saying that there is not enough space on OneDrive.

This makes no sense to my untechnical mind. They are already on OneDrive, and I am trying to put them on the Data Drive.

I am utterly baffled.
 Moving stuff from SSD drive to Data drive (W10) - No FM2R
How does one move them??

- Open Windows Explorer
- Right click [say] Documents
- Select Properties
- Select Location

Change it.

Is your OneDrive folder on the computer or in the cloud?
 Moving stuff from SSD drive to Data drive (W10) - smokie
As an aside - if you are just binning the old machine, take the drive out of it and put it in one of these (e.g. and you'll have a nice 400 Gb backup drive.
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