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 BMW Handbook - maltrap
Just been looking around 65 reg BMW Series2.
Noticed there wasn't a handbook.
The sales person seemed to think that the don't come with handbooks any more & that everything can accesed via the display on the dash.
Was he right ?

Thanks in anticipation.
 BMW Handbook - R.P.
My 66 3 series had a paper and electronic handbook. My father in law had at least one recent BMW from new without a handbook..They may have been "extra" on request items. The on screen handbook was very good, unless your battery was flat. Zero may have a later view
 BMW Handbook - Zero
My late 17 5 touring came with a physical handbook, there is also an electronic version in the i-drive, and an on-line version in the remote phone app.
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 BMW Handbook - Zero
Has no service book tho, thats online in the I-drive.
 BMW Handbook - tyrednemotional
There is an onboard e-manual, and a comprehensive drivers guide available for Android (and probably Apple) devices, but my '16 X1 came with a printed handbook/manual.
 BMW Handbook - PeterS
I had a 2016 2 series convertible and it came with a hard copy of the manual in a wallet in the glove box, so a ‘65 reg one should have a manual. The info was also available via iDrive mind you...but you can’t flick through that like you can a manual ;)
 BMW Handbook - Robin O'Reliant
Electronic manuals are the work of Satan. Give me a hard copy any day, even if I have to pay more for it.
 BMW Handbook - R.P.
You're right. I was waiting for Mrs RP to return from a long walk yesterday evening and ended up trawling the V60's electronic hand-book. Not as interactive as my old BMWs it would drive me potty. The car has a traditional paper handbook.
 BMW Handbook - No FM2R
>>The info was also available via iDrive mind you...but you can’t flick through that like you can a manual

Nor am I sure how you could either know it was available via iDrive or even how to use iDrive if you didn't have a manual to tell you.
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 BMW Handbook - R.P.
There's a Quick Start card for it - I found it with minimal faff on the BMW. The Volvo is even simpler to find in fairness, BMW allows you to use voice commands to find it, of course one might need the handbook to find how to operate that.
 BMW Handbook - FuzzyDuck
Just taken delivery of a 2 series convertible. There wasn't a handbook in the glovebox but then I found it in the boot of all places next to the first aid kit.
 BMW Handbook - R.P.
How things change in three weeks. Mrs RP has struck a deal with her father over his May 2019 G20 330i Sport, and is selling her MX5. Circs of the change are immaterial, but there's a BMW back on the driveway and guess what it has a glovebox full of manuals ! I sat behind the wheel earlier, how lovely BMW interiors and ergonomics are, so easy to find everything. I have to say that the V60's interior is well up to the mark though and you;d be hard pushed to tell which one's best, but I have fallen for excellent layout and quality that Scandinavia have come up with. Apple system in the G20 is subscription only after the first year.....we'll have to fire that up I guess ;-) Really nice car.
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