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 DVLA - maltrap
I applied online to renew an over 70's driving license over 3 weeks ago, still haven't received it, does anyone know if there are problems at Swansea ?
 DVLA - VxFan
I wonder if the Covid pandemic is still playing a part in the delays, as it was last year.
 DVLA - helicopter
I checked on behalf of my friend who was due to renew last July and the DVLA website then said 6 month extension without penalty.

Checking again last month DVLA has now given further renewal extension of 11 months so far , looks like pretty much from lockdown 1 start.

If you have applied for online renewal and not heard yet, I would assume they are under pressure but would not worry unduly.
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 DVLA - PeterS
While not license but vehicle registration related,, as another data point I put a registration on retention (online) in January and had a replacement V5 in 3 or 4 days. Though I assume that process is completely automated?
 DVLA - Bromptonaut
Did the OP apply on line or by post?

As Vx Fan points out there were certainly problems in lockdown one pertaining to anything involving paper such as medical statements etc. There were reports in the last month or so of covid spreading amongst staff in a building where covid safe working was difficult.

 DVLA - Haywain
"Did the OP apply on line or by post? "

The OP's opening words were "I applied online..........", so I think we should take him on his word.

Pre-covid i.e. a little more than 18 months ago, I applied online for my 70yo driving license. The procedure seemed odd, but the new plastic license came through in 3 or 4 days; I was amazed at the speed.
 DVLA - Shiny
We moved several times September to December 2020 and the apply-online licenses took a week to come, but the wife's postal applications took around 3 weeks (each time), in fact, one was assumed lost as it showed as being issued on the DVLA online checker and so we ordered another and they both eventually came the same day!

You can check online with the Driver Number to see the date the current license was issued - from that you can ascertain if it has been processed.
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 DVLA - Duncan
I can't hold it in any longer!

Why is everyone typing 'licenSe'?

You haven't got a 'licenSe'.

What you have is a 'licenCe'!

Licence. Licence. Licence.

Dear oh dear.
 DVLA - bathtub tom
Are you licensed to say that?
 DVLA - PeterS
I chose license because I was providing a data point on the activity of vehicle registration (quick) so as a matter of style thought that a comparison to the activity of driver licensing was appropriate :)
 DVLA - maltrap
Sorry Duncan, you're quite right.

The invitation from the Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency

was to renew a driving licence.
 DVLA - Haywain
Oh dear, I speeled it licenSe because everybody else was speeling it that way. Normally, it's one of those speelings that I have to luck up.
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