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 Marcello Gandini has Died - Bromptonaut
Marcello Gandini responsible for designing various Lamborghini and Maserati models as well as more mundane stuff including one I've owned - BX - has died.
 Marcello Gandini has Died - Boxsterboy
Yes, he designed some fabulous cars. Lamborghini Muira, Countach, Lancia Stratos Zero (which I saw at Hampton Court a few years back - brilliant piece of design. My personal favourites? The BX (I had two) and of course the Renault Master Mk 1 van.
 Marcello Gandini has Died - Zero
Great looking cars, but he had the odd brain fade
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 Marcello Gandini has Died - Oldgit
Maurizio Pollini has also died recently but no one has reported that but of course he had nothing to do with car design. Just saying, as our yuff say.
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