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 Minor Problem With Site - scousehonda
I am no longer getting the small red 'NEW' box against new posts. Is it just me or is it a fault on the site (unlikely I would have thought as someone else would have reported it by now).

Can anybody please suggest a remedy.

Removed make/model from header.
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 Minor Problem With Site - car4play
Have you tried clearing cookies from your browser? This will set you back as "guest" user. Then log back in.
 Minor Problem With Site - scousehonda
Mysteriously, all is now well with me having done nothing. Not having had it for the past few days brings home how useful a feature it is.
 Minor Problem With Site - VxFan
Do you occasionally run something like ccleaner and haven't added car4play to the list of cookies not to delete?
 Minor Problem With Site - scousehonda
Yes, I think that you have hit he nail on the head. I did run ccleaner a couple of days ago without adding car4play. But I wonder why it has suddenly come back. Anyway I'll update ccleaner.

Many thanks for your interest.
 Minor Problem With Site - VxFan
>> But I wonder why it has suddenly come back.

Next time you visited another cookie was created for this site, and from that point it remembered where you had got to with regard to new posts.
 Minor Problem With Site - scousehonda
So am I correct in thinking that, overall, cookies are not the mini monsters that some of the less initiated seem to think?
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